How to know the sex of a child

How to determine the sex of the child at an early age?

There are several methods that will help satisfy the interest of future parents. Among them, both scientifically based and popular.


This method is the most accurate. A modern ultrasound machine allows you to see the sex of a future child, starting at 16 (in rare cases with 12) weeks of pregnancy. True, there are two caveats: if a specialist conducting research is literate and if the child decides to show who he is. It happens, that the erroneous definition of sex is due to the incompetence of the doctor (good, now there are not many) or if the kid just hid his "interesting" places. But parents are usually impatient, and want to know the gender of the unborn child long before 12 weeks. Especially their desire is strengthened, if after the first ultrasound, which takes place during this period, nothing was learned.

The test for determining the sex of the child

This method is quite "young", because it appeared only in 2007. With his help, the sex of the baby can be determined starting from the 8th week of pregnancy! Even ultrasound can not boast of such early results. The accuracy of the method is more than 90%. The essence of it is that a woman at home conducts a urine test. To make the test as informative as possible, use morning urine, which interacts with the reagents included in the kit. Time of the procedure - no more than 5 minutes. The urine is collected in a special test beaker, stirring the contents in a circular motion. The resulting color of urine will tell you who will be born. If she became dark green, then wait for the boy, if bright yellow or orange - a girl.

Special computer programs

Technical progress in our time has gone so far that it is possible to determine the gender of the baby using intelligent computer programs. Some of them indicate not only the sex of the child, but also offer to use a special calculator that helps determine the days most optimal for conception to occur. There are also many other functions. For example, the program KinderX offers its users the opportunity to choose the name of the baby, as well as compose his horoscope.

Another program, called Child, calculates the sex of the child, if you enter the dates of birth of future mothers and fathers, as well as the date of conception. And the date can be entered as the exact (which is best), and the expected.

You can download such programs for determining the sex of your unborn child on the Internet. And absolutely free.

Bloody methods

There is a way according to which the sex of the future baby can be recognized by calculating whose blood - dad or mom - is stronger at the time of conception. It has long been known that both women and men undergo certain changes in blood at certain periods. In women, this happens every three years, and in representatives of the opposite sex - once every four years. To make calculations using this method, the age of the mother is divided by the number "3", and the fathers by "4". At whom the remnant is less, the one with the newer blood, and, hence, the future baby will have such a sex.

Another method, which takes into account the blood of parents, claims that you can calculate who will be born if you compare blood groups. According to him, for example, a woman with a second blood group and a man with a fourth will have a girl. It seems that everything is clear, but here's the catch: is there really no couples all over the world who have boys with the same blood groups? And how to explain that in families there are different-sex children? After all, according to the logic of this method, this should not be. Considering the absurdity of such statements, we draw conclusions, that all this is nonsense and the method has no right to exist.

Calendar methods

There are several calendar methods that are most often used to determine the gender of a future baby. For example, if a woman knows exactly the day of the last ovulation and the day when the conception occurred, she will be able to calculate who will be born to her. To do this, you need to compare the time of sexual intercourse and the resulting ovulation. If the sex was not long before her, then the girl should appear, if on the day of ovulation or a day later - a boy.

Some couples try to calculate the sex of the child using an astrological forecast. They are guided by the opinion that the zodiac signs are divided into male (Aries, Twins, Lion, Scales, Sagittarius, Aquarius) and female (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpion, Capricorn, fish). According to this method, if on the day when conception occurred, the moon was in the so-called "female" sign - there will be a girl, if in the "male" - a boy.

External signs and behavior of a pregnant woman

Since ancient times, people have tried to determine the sex of a future baby, watching the appearance and behavior of a pregnant woman. Taking into account long-term observations, the following statements were passed from mouth to mouth.

  • if a woman has an "acute" abdomen - to the birth of a boy, if she "crawls" in the side - to the appearance of the girl;
  • if a woman has swollen legs during pregnancy, there will be a boy;
  • if a woman has become not very beautiful - wait for the girl;
  • if it hurts a strong toxicosis - there will be a girl;
  • if the future mother has a good appetite and if she is very fond of bread crumpets - a little masculine girl will be born;
  • If a woman sleeps only on her left side - there will be a boy.

Of course, most of the methods described here (except for ultrasound and test) are hardly accurate. But they still have the right to life, because they told someone the truth))))) Seriously, you should not worry so much and try to find out who will be born as soon as the conception happened (or even before him). After all, in fact, the main thing is for the baby to be healthy. And parents will still love him - sweet, beautiful, intelligent, beloved - unlimitedly.

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