How to lose weight in pregnancy

How to lose weight correctly during pregnancy?

Than excess weight during pregnancy is dangerous

During pregnancy, excess weight is harmful to the health of a woman, and to the health of an unborn baby.

Obesity provokes the development of late toxicosis of pregnancy, varicose veins, stress on the kidneys and swelling. There may also be a rise in pressure, a protein appears in the urine. Pregnancy in itself is considered an increase in the burden on the body, starting with the spinal column, the organs of the abdominal cavity. If the future mother appears to be overweight, then the load increases even more. And to give birth to such women is much harder. When do you start worrying about weight gain? What is the norm?

The gain of a pregnant woman in weight is not only the weight of the fetus. On average, it is 3-4 kilograms and 3 kilograms should be added to the amniotic fluid. You also need to add the weight of the umbilical cord and the amniotic fluid. Bear in mind that the blood volume increases somewhat, and the fatty layer. If you summarize everything, you should focus on 10-12 kilograms of weight gain. With multiple pregnancies, this figure, of course, more. Doctors say that after 16 weeks of pregnancy, a woman should not add more than one kilogram per month.

How to optimally reduce the weight of a pregnant woman?

So, the problem of excess weight is. And now you need to get rid of it so that the child in the womb does not suffer from it. Strict diets, mono-diets, hunger strikes are very harmful to a pregnant woman. To exclude any products from the diet - means to make the food inadequate. The optimal option for weight loss for a pregnant woman will be a balanced diet, but without strict prohibitions and hunger strikes. It would be a reasonable way to limit or completely reject flour products in the form of cakes and buns. It's good to completely abandon salty, smoked and spicy. Such products contribute to fluid retention in the body. It is not superfluous to be an exception to the diet and all kinds of sweet (chocolate, ice cream, confectionery and desserts). Complex carbohydrates in the daily menu of the future mother should be present. And every day. Their source is vegetables, porridge, fruit. These products also contain fiber, and it as a brush clears the intestines of toxins, which allows to solve the problem of constipation.

The most useful and easy dessert for a pregnant woman is serving low-fat yogurt. It is quite possible to have such a product. By the way, the dinner time should be no later than 19. 00. And after dinner, it would be nice to go for walks. And in general, more walking will be beneficial for both the figure of a woman and the oxygen feeding of the fetus.

It is important to ensure that at the time of weight loss in the body daily there was a protein. This means that in any case it is not worth to give up fish and meat. Only to choose a pregnant woman needs low-fat varieties: poultry, rabbit, beef, veal.

Rejecting fat is completely impossible. Its use should be simply limited. This means that sunflower oil is best replaced with olive, creamy eat no more than 10 grams daily.

You need to give up fried food. All dishes must be boiled, stewed and baked.

As for drinks, the juices should be unsweetened. It is recommended to dilute them with water to reduce calorie content. And do not forget about the water itself. And pregnant women need to drink enough liquid, at least 1. 5 liters. After all, it also helps to deceive the appetite. Especially when a woman is so drawn to buns!

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