How to overcome the fear of childbirth

How to overcome the fear of childbirth?

Fear of pain

This is the main reason for fear of childbirth. But, first of all, we need to find out its nature. If this is personal experience and pregnancy is not the first, then usually the memories of pain disappear over the years. Try to return more often thoughts not to the generic process, but to the happy moments after it. This is the first feeding your baby, his smile, sleep. If the first generic experience was too painful for you, then do not think that the second time will be all the same. Maybe you did not listen to the instructions of the medical staff? And maybe they were not breathing correctly? Now there is a chance not to repeat a bad experience.

If you have heard enough stories about other people's births, then take it all as embellished and exaggerated pictures. When, in your appearance, the thought that labor is labor and torture is clearly formed, why do all women give birth and several children? And even with small breaks between them.

So drive all negative thoughts, think about how you will use knowledge that helps to give birth correctly, without breaks and complications. Read, remember, repeat.

Fear for the child

In second place after the fear of birth pain in women is always an experience for the baby. & bdquo; I'm afraid there will be something wrong with it & rdquo; - this phrase future mothers often tell gynecologists, loved ones, girlfriends. But if you have done everything in the period of gestation to ensure that he was healthy, then what kind of experiences can we talk about? Surely you observed all the traditional recommendations to pregnant women:

  1. They registered and regularly attended a obstetrician of a gynecologist.
  2. They made planned ultrasound, which stated that the fetus had no pathologies.
  3. They passed the tests, and they were normal, and if not, then they followed the doctor's instructions.
  4. Did not use drugs, alcohol, did not smoke.
  5. Not experienced during this period of strong emotional turmoil, stress.
  6. We did not wear weights.

If all this is really so, then what kind of deviations can the baby talk about? Every gynecologist is interested in the fact that his patient was born into a healthy child. He can even be reinsured, suggesting you once again donate blood or lie down for preservation at the slightest complaints about your health. Yes, and not he alone leads your pregnancy. There is a doctor of ultrasound, a therapist. In the end, you can go to another doctor for a consultation. It is your right. But at the same time, this is the escalation of the situation.

Ways of pain anesthesia

If you will give birth for the first time, then prepare for this theoretically. Meet the methods of anesthesia and self-help:

  1. Massage. Pain during fights is facilitated by a massage of the back and abdominal area. This technique is better to learn in advance. If you have childbirth partner, then this technique should take possession of your spouse. Massage is a significant relief of pain during contractions.
  2. Correct breathing. It is necessary to own and special methods of breathing in the period of attempts and fights. It's simple. At the beginning of the fights and at the end, breathing should be deep, in the middle - shallow.
  3. Moral attitude. Nobody says that giving birth is easy. But from the very beginning of pregnancy you need to adjust yourself to the fact that childbirth is the most responsible women's work. & bdquo; Position & rdquo; Mom is not given to everyone. And it's worth thinking about. And joining such a position is not easy. Some women repeat the phrase & bdquo; as a mantra; I give birth easily and without pain & rdquo; or & bdquo; We give birth together, a baby helps me & rdquo; .
  4. Help for doctors. Tips gynecologist, midwives need to listen and obey unconditionally. Tune in that they will provide you with the facilitation and success of the process. Nobody gives birth alone, and the experience of physicians allows it to be done correctly, safely.

So drive bad thoughts, go to church, if you did not do this before, put candles for your health, your doctor's health, order a moleben for a good cause (successful birth), read special pray and smile more often. Be petting your baby, ask, that in childbirth he was also patient and helped you.

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