How to persuade her husband for a second child

How to persuade her husband for a second child?

By studying the problem, experts analyzed the most common arguments of husbands against the appearance of a second child in the family. Here they are:

  1. Fear of material difficulties. A man, feeling himself the head of the family, very often is afraid that he will not be able to provide two children with dignity. And this is a weighty argument. Of course, if he works alone, then you can hardly object, but if the financial situation is in the hands of the wife, there is someone to help, then it is worthwhile to follow his own and give examples of couples who allowed themselves a second, third kid, without a decent level of income .
  2. The problem of housing. If the family is crowded in a one-room apartment or lives with their parents, the personal life of the father and mother is often constrained by housing conditions. Rarely, what kind of man is touched by the thought that now the three of us will have to sleep in a bed. After all, the baby will not be where to place. But the arguments of the wife in this case - the law on parent capital. He gives an opportunity to issue a mortgage for housing with the advent of a second baby.
  3. Too young age. Men under 30 tend to show more egoism in their desire to live for themselves and not be burdened by burdens of caring for children. Others argue that at this age you first need to make a career. They ask the spouse to wait a year or two, which are stretched by ten. In this situation, the wife needs to be argued by the fact that at an older age there are many risks of bearing a fetus, genetic deviations, and if there is a small gap between the children, it is just convenient. The elder will nurse less. And in the declining years, two children - it is a reliable and necessary support in life.
  4. Unwillingness to have a second child for no reason. Sometimes a man just says & bdquo; no & rdquo; and does not argue his position in any way. At the same time, the family may not have financial and housing problems at all. But, most likely, the reason still exists. If the husband has a brother or sister, then draw an analogy. Why should your child grow alone? Give examples of the positive impact of children on each other in the families of your friends and friends. When there are no financial obstacles to the birth of the second baby, then for certain the man is simply afraid of responsibility. Perhaps, in this case, you need time and a suitable situation in order to persuade your spouse. If a woman wants a child very much, then you need to use moments and each time to remind your spouse about the natural desire to give life to another boy or girl.

There is a category of men who do not want to be the father of a second baby until it becomes a fact. Many women do so: they simply put their spouse in notice of their pregnancy. Is it correct? Well, for sure, knowing a person for several years, his character, a woman foresees his reaction. And sometimes tactics work. Not every husband will force a woman to go to an abortion. Sometimes such a message introduces a man into a stupor, after which he just makes a helpless gesture.

Women, determinedly, sometimes resort to blackmail, threats to divorce. They say, they say, you will find after the parting of a woman who does not want to have children, but I will find a man who wants a second and third baby. Sometimes it works.

Believers women pray to the Mother of God for the happiness of motherhood, and usually after such prayers all obstacles, including the unwillingness of a man to become a father for the second time, disappear.

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