How to plan a pregnancy

How to plan pregnancy?

First, according to experts, at the beginning of planning should maximize the health of both future parents. Therefore, consultation of the therapist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, urologist and preferably a psychologist is simply necessary. In the process of examination, you need to give a general blood test, a check for infections, viruses and toxoplasma. In addition, you will be offered to examine with the help of ultrasound of the thyroid gland, organs of the small pelvis. Also mandatory is the determination of hormones and spermogram (for men, naturally). It is recommended to begin a medical examination 3-4 months before the planned pregnancy.

The second stage is the period before the conception of the child. At this time, you should give up all bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol. In addition, you should stop taking contraceptives and try to replace any medications with alternative ones - homeopathic.

Take this seriously to the regime of the day: you need to sleep at least 8 hours, often go out into the open air, try to actively rest on the weekend. In addition, do not forget about the prevention in the autumn-spring period of exacerbation of viral infections. Use oksolinovuyu ointment, take vitamins, avoid a large crowd of people.

As for the emotional background, it is very important in the period of pregnancy planning, because with positive emotions the organism of future parents works in a coherent and conscientious manner. Take this into account and try to avoid stressful situations, smile as often as possible, give happiness to others. Do not forget about proper nutrition and small physical exertion. Sign up for yoga, swim in the pool, do not abandon the gym and fitness club - only the load in this case should be minimal.

If you spend most of your time at the computer monitor, during the pregnancy planning period, you should take breaks for 10-15 minutes time per hour. We advise you to get up from the table, walk, distract, just look out the window. It is very important to learn to be distracted from everyday cares and focus on positive emotions.

The third stage is the most responsible and long-awaited period of conception.

It is important to know that, in the opinion of gynecologists,tration. Also two days before conception, it is recommended to abstain from sexual life. Thus, the chances of a 100% conception increase. The use of alcohol and douching of the vagina are prohibited at the time of conception. In addition, be sure to tune in for a positive, arrange an easy, romantic dinner, watch a good film about love, once again admit your feelings for each other. Thus, you run a kind of "love mechanism" that promotes a healthy and auspicious conception. There are also a number of exercises that many couples perform during and after conception. However, to resort to these recommendations or not - the choice is individual.

In addition to all the above recommendations, it should be noted that in modern medicine the issue of pregnancy planning is very popular. So, if you want to receive professional advice and to be surveyed at the highest level, specialized centers, courses and family planning consultations are at your disposal. The choice, again, is yours. Summing up, we once again emphasize that pregnancy planning is not only the prevention of complications in the period of expectation of the child, but also the full preparation for the birth of a healthy, desired baby.

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