How to prepare the cervix for childbirth

How to prepare the cervix for childbirth

Unspecified uterus

The "house" of your pusher is an elongated organ that consists of a muscular and fibrous tissue - the uterus, which ends in the lower part of the neck. As soon as labor occurs (the researchers, by the way, still can not find out why the delivery occurs at one time or another), the uterus begins to contract, that is, contractions begin. During the fights (the first period of labor - opening), the cervix should fully open and release the fetus. At this time, in an as yet pregnant organism, incredible events occur: the uterus, contracting, as it were, "slides" from the fetal egg, rising upwards, and the fetus lowers into the cervical canal. Full disclosure of the cervix is ??fixed when the baby's head can "crawl" through it. As soon as this happened - the second stage of labor begins - exile and attempts, which end with the birth of the baby.

To be born, the child has to go through a very difficult path, but the pusher does not stop at anything. For example, if the cervix does not let him in, he still climbs, and then breaks are obtained, which are frequent companions of the birth. It is easy to guess why this complication arises - because of the lack of elasticity of the muscle tissue of the perineum. It is clear that there are other causes of ruptures during labor, but nevertheless the elasticity of the uterus is an indispensable condition for successful delivery.

It is interesting that during pregnancy the uterus prepares itself for the forthcoming birth. In the last trimester of pregnancy, muscle tissue is very actively replaced with collagen fibers, which provide it with the ability to stretch. This condition doctors call "the maturity of the uterus and its cervix." Usually for 39 weeks of pregnancy the attending physician determines this "maturity" at which the length of the cervix should be up to 2 cm, its "consistency" should be soft, the cervical canal should pass one transverse finger beyond the area of ??the internal pharynx (this is the result of shortening the cervix) and the cervix should be located in the center of the vagina. Deviations from these norms (too long cervix, a dense consistency, closed cervical canal and external pharynx) testify to the immaturity of the cervix, that is, the body is not ready for delivery and needs "make-up". Doctors called immature neck "oak". It is not to be hoped that the ready-made uterus will provide you with no gaps, but it is precisely its "maturity" that will greatly reduce their likelihood. Therefore, we should not neglect training.

How to prepare the uterus for childbirth?

There are many ways to prepare the cervix for childbirth, help it to ripen in time. When diagnosed as "unripe" cervix, doctors prescribe medications and procedures that should stimulate the cervical ripening process. Perhaps you will be prescribed even the use of prostaglandins, which are injected into the cervical canal and promote the maturation of the cervix, or laminaria, which stimulates the production of collagen, will be introduced into the uterus, which makes the tissues more elastic. Sometimes the cervix does not ripen because of strong muscle tension, so in the last weeks of pregnancy the doctor can prescribe antispasmodics (No-shpa, Papaverin) either intramuscularly, or in the form of tablets or rectal suppositories.

Given the characteristics of a particular pregnant body, the doctor can also prescribe a cervical massage, or stimulation of the nipples, and perhaps even acupuncture. However, these procedures must be carried out according to the indications and under the supervision of the medical staff.

There are also other ways of preparing the cervix for labor, simpler, which can be done without prescriptions, but only in the absence of contraindications. For example, a well-known and simple method is systematic sex in the last weeks of pregnancy. First, the orgasm trains the muscles of the perineum and cervix. However, be extremely careful (especially in case of the threat of premature birth), because this same orgasm is an excellent natural natural stimulant of childbirth. Secondly, helps the uterus matured male sperm (so you need to have sex without a condom), because in its composition a huge amount of natural prostaglandin hormone, which promotes the maturation of the cervix. Probably, it is not even worth talking about that the husband should be absolutely healthy, so as not to infect you at such an important moment with some kind of sore.

An excellent preparation for childbirth is the intake of evening primrose oil. Often it is prescribed in the form of capsules (1 capsule a day half an hour before meals, washed down with a lot of water) a month before the forthcoming birth. In primrose oil contains a huge amount of fatty acids, which provoke the production of prostaglandin. But do not take this medicine without consulting a doctor! More safe saturation of the body with fatty acids is the consumption of fish and vegetable oil, for example.

Many women also resort to folk recipes, which also contribute to the maturation of the cervix. For example, drink a decoction of dried raspberry leaves (100 ml decoction before meals), rose hips infusion (200 g before breakfast on an empty stomach), tincture of hawthorn (pharmacy option in drops) or strawberry broth (strawberry compote with leaves). However, even with these infusions one must be extremely cautious. Remember about possible allergic reactions, and not every woman needs stimulation of cervical ripening, as the process happens by itself without delay.

Prepare the whole body for childbirth and special exercises (train the muscles of the vagina exercises Kegel). There are special courses for future parents, which necessarily hold gymnastics with pregnant mummies or tell what exercises should be done. Very effective squatting, but only in the normal position of the bottom of the uterus. It is necessary to engage daily from 35 weeks, first for 2 minutes, then the squats can be gradually increased to 15 minutes. However, gymnastics for pregnant women has contraindications, so do not make any decisions on your own.

Finally, remember that the course of labor largely depends on a positive attitude. Believe in yourself from the very first days of pregnancy, and then your body will cope with this difficult, but most pleasant task - with ease will give birth to a healthy and strong baby. Good luck to you!

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