How to raise hemoglobin after giving birth to a nursing mother

How to raise hemoglobin after giving birth to a nursing mother?

About anemia after childbirth

The indicator of an important protein in the blood decreases for a number of reasons. Among them, malnutrition and heavy labor, multiple pregnancies and worsening of chronic diseases. But still the main reason that newly mummies suffer from anemia is the loss of blood during delivery. This is approximately 200-300 ml.

And it is worth considering that during pregnancy in women the total amount of blood increases due to an increase in the volume of plasma. As a result, the blood is diluted, and red blood cells (erythrocytes) becomes smaller. The situation is preserved and even worsened after childbirth. By the way, a third of women after the appearance of crumbs in the world suffer from a hidden lack of iron. With sheer anemia, Mom may lose consciousness, suffer from dizziness. She constantly tends to sleep, it is difficult to concentrate, perhaps a feeling of dryness in the mouth, shortness of breath, perversion of taste, tachycardia.

Normal blood hemoglobin content is not less than 120 g / l.

About increasing hemoglobin level

As a rule, in case of anemia, after the birth, women are prescribed iron-containing preparations. Treatment with medicines can last 4-6 months. Such medications are recommended to be washed down with sour juices - so the iron will be easier to enter the body and digest. By the way, pharmacy iron-containing preparations contribute to constipation. Therefore, such a property should be taken into account by women who are prone to this violation.

It is necessary to know that at the same time you can not take iron-containing drugs and calcium. These are mutually exclusive means. And after all many mummies, observing deterioration of a condition of hair, a teeth, fingernails or nails, accept kaltsijsoderzhashchie preparations.

Together with iron, it is recommended to take vitamin B12 and the products that contain it.

As for folk medicine, the increase in hemoglobin in the blood will help juice of carrots and beets, taken in equal proportions. It should be eaten in the morning, just before feeding the crumbs. You should start with 50 ml and follow the reaction of the baby, because all products of red color can cause an allergy in a baby. So the benefit for the mother can turn into a risk for the child. It should be noted that red beet has the property of lowering blood pressure.

Anemia diet is the inclusion of iron-containing foods in the diet. And the most useful for the newly mum is buckwheat. It is desirable to use it every day, little by little, filling with a small amount of vegetable or butter. You can boil it on milk. In second place in the content of iron among the cereals - millet. From it, too, you can cook porridges and soups to make the menu of the nursing mother more diverse.

Good and safe sources of iron are beef, veal, lean pork, tongue and liver. Meat products are also desirable to include in the menu daily and alternate for a change. To iron from products better absorbed by the body of a woman, you need to limit the amount of fat in the diet. If there are a lot of them, this is detrimental to the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. It is necessary to give preference to fats of vegetable origin or milk. And it is worth considering that the assimilation of iron in the body is prevented by black tea. Therefore, it is better for young mothers to replace it with green.

Unfortunately, iron-rich grenades, red caviar, walnuts, dried apricots lactating women use risky. And here two squares of a hematogen become very much even useful, if them to eat in the form of a dessert after the basic reception of nutrition.

In addition to products that increase hemoglobin in the blood of women will help walk in the fresh air, full sleep and rest, frequent and fractional meals.

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