How to recover after birth

How to recover quickly after birth

In order to cope with all the experiences and help the body to adapt to a new rhythm of life, it is enough to follow several rules:

  • ask for help from relatives and relatives. Even if you are assisted by an hour a day, you will already have time for the necessary rest;
  • Be sure to allocate half an hour a day for sleep. It is not worth sharply taking up all economic affairs. Try to sleep as often as possible during this period. If you can not sleep - lie down with your eyes closed, meditate. This will only benefit and will help to recover in the shortest possible time;
  • It is important to remember that having a child is not an excuse to forget about yourself. After giving birth, you have not ceased to be a woman, so it is very important to be able to allocate time for yourself daily. You do not have to be busy every second. It is not right. Especially when you are sleeping your baby, you have 30 minutes to an hour to take a bath, look through the magazine, talk to a friend on the phone. If you have someone with whom to leave the child for a couple of hours, then going to the hairdresser's or a friend's in the shops to update the wardrobe will not only raise the mood for a few days, but also the best way to help cope with depression;

To restore the figure after the birth, it takes a little time and effort, as you will not have to worry about. it seems. First, with regard to nutrition, everything is simple here. After giving birth, you will surely eat porridges, vegetable and sour-milk products, so that breastfeeding is most useful. However, it is important to note that such nutrition has a beneficial effect not only on breastfeeding, but also on your figure. Especially if you eat a little and often. This will help you avoid the feeling of hunger and improve the metabolism, which is known to promote weight loss. Thus, without resorting to any diets and without exhausting yourself with food restrictions, you can easily return to your former form.

As for physical activities, then it's too simple. The fact is that in fact, it is possible to perform exercises that help to strengthen the muscles and help to improve the figure with the child in his arms. So, rocking the child while standing, you can simultaneously shake hands. From the position, sitting, lifting the straight legs upwards - we swing the muscles of the legs. In addition, while the baby is sleeping, you can take a few minutes to shake the press. And of course walking with a stroller is an excellent alternative to walking. Just do not try to sit on the bench for the whole walk. If you want to bring your body in the shortest possible time, choose the nearest park and make long walks.

In conclusion, we note that the postpartum period is a difficult time in the life of a woman, so the support of relatives and friends is simply necessary. In addition, the most newly mum should remember the main thing: all the difficulties, anxiety, tearfulness and dissatisfaction - a temporary phenomenon. Very soon you will forever forget about them, because in your family there is the greatest happiness - your baby, who every second ready to give you warmth and joy, and free of charge. And what else is needed for happiness, is not it? Good luck, health and prosperity.

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