How to reduce the vagina after childbirth

How to reduce the vagina after childbirth?

A little physiology

The pelvic floor is a powerful muscular-woven plate. It consists of three layers of muscles:

  1. Outer. It consists of 4 muscles, including bulbous-cavernous. It wraps around the entrance to the vagina. The outer layer includes the sphincter of the anus. It is a circular muscle that locks the rectum.
  2. The middle one is the urogenital diaphragm through which passes the urethra and its sphincter.
  3. The inner layer is represented by the muscles lifting the anus. When they contract, the genital ganglion closes, the lumen of the vagina and rectum narrows.

During the period of gestation, the body of a woman experiences a load on the pelvic floor. It serves as a support for the fetus during pregnancy. And in childbirth - a channel through which the fetus erupts from the uterus. Affect the muscles of the pelvic floor can cause birth complications, for example, rupture of the perineal tissue or their cutting (episiotomy) to facilitate delivery. Such complications weaken the pelvic floor. And this manifests itself by lowering the walls of the vagina, leakage of urine with laughter, coughing, sneezing.

After natural childbirth, the vagina itself expands somewhat. Reduces its elasticity, which leads to a decrease in sexual sensations.

Methods of reducing the vagina

So, having discovered the discomfort in intimate relationships after delivery, their change for the worse, we need to start with sparing ways to correct the problem. The best option - Kegel exercises, with which many women probably already knew before birth. An American gynecologist who examined women with urinary incontinence noticed that with well-developed perineal muscles this pathology is extremely rare. And he also established a direct connection between their excellent state and the woman's satisfaction with her intimate life. He developed exercises, the essence of which is to reduce the pelvic muscles that support the vagina. The woman needs to alternately compress and relax the vagina. You need to train several times a day, doing 5-20 cuts each.

Another option for conservative vaginal reduction is step-free therapy. In this case, the load on the corresponding muscles is provided by special plastic cones of different weights. They are inserted into the vagina with a narrow end and, trying to hold, they contract the muscles. In total, there are five such adaptations, and training should begin with the least, so that the load on the muscles grows.

Physiotherapy methods are used to reduce the vagina. Electrostimulation provides muscle contraction. This method is desirable to be combined with Kegel exercises to achieve an early effect.

So, to achieve the goal, you can use conservative methods. But they do not always help women, unfortunately. Sometimes, to restore the reproductive organ and again feel the beauty of intimate relationships can only surgery. It is necessary for the return of the former size of the vagina in those cases when the delivery took place with complications or with serious muscle ruptures. In such situations, routine training simply can not return them to their previous state. Indications for intimate plastic are also the lowering of the walls of the vagina, partial or complete loss of the uterus, pain during intercourse, incontinence of gases and urine. Such surgical interventions are performed one year after childbirth. The essence of intimate plastic consists in excision of excess tissue, stitching muscles. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. It lasts about an hour and a half. All its subtleties and expediency of carrying out the woman should discuss individually with the expert after survey. The patient will have to take blood tests, swabs from the vagina, and make an electrocardiogram.

So, there are several ways to solve the problem. But in any case, they can be used only after consulting a competent specialist.

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