How to remove stretch marks after birth

How to clean the abdomen after childbirth at home?

Despite the fact that stretch marks in principle do not threaten any dangerous woman, however, they give a certain frustration: every representative of the beautiful half of mankind tends to beauty, which stretches after childbirth a little spoil. A natural question arises - how to remove stretch marks after childbirth. To which modern medicine and people's practice affirmatively answer: it can and should be done if the time is right to proceed and choose the most appropriate method of combating stretch marks.

And there are plenty of methods to remove stretch marks after childbirth, from very sparing and to radical (suggesting surgical intervention). And experts advise to approach the issue of solving the problem of stretch marks "in a complex", using several methods in parallel. But before that, nevertheless consult a specialist (cosmetologist, doctor) who will help you choose the optimal method, how to remove stretch marks after childbirth. And to start the appropriate activities are advised, than before, the better - about 3-6 months after childbirth.

Regular "home" procedures of peeling with the use of scrub, grinding with a washcloth, self-massage are mandatory to fight stretch marks. For peeling can be used as home-made scrubs (for example, mixed salt and coffee cake), and purchased in a specialized store. Rinsing with a washcloth during showering will help improve blood circulation in problem areas and activate the supply of useful substances to the skin in the blood. Thus, active regeneration of the skin will take place, replacement of dead cells with new ones. Approximately the same properties are different massage: at home you can perform self-massage procedures, ask relatives and friends to regularly arrange sessions of general self-massage. But deep massage is better to entrust to the master in the salon - a professional will approach this issue always individually. Also in the salon you can use the service of vacuum massage.

Do not neglect and cosmetic products designed to combat stretch marks on the skin. Today, many cosmetic companies offer the consumer a huge number of various means of such a plan - all kinds of creams, serums, gels, oils, balms and masks, again, scrubs, can provide tangible help in the process of removing stretch marks. Use these tools for the desired effect is necessary regularly, after consulting with a specialist and selecting the best in each case. The beauty of these tools is also that they can be used during massage, rubbing into the skin for better effect. Also for massage procedures, and just as a massage, it is good to use mixtures of vegetable and essential oils. From vegetable to fight stretch marks will be effective olive or almond oil, oils from wheat germ, avocado or jojoba. Regarding essential oils, it is great for the skin condition of mandarin, calendula, orange and lemon, rose hips.

You can combine useful with pleasant (removal of stretch marks and relaxation) during the salon procedures. So, to improve the skin, and at the same time relax, the woman will help wrap algae, honey or chocolate wraps, baths with extracts of medicinal plants or essential oils, with mineral waters.

You can also fight with stretch marks using injection methods: mesotherapy or ozone therapy. Such procedures involve the introduction of special therapeutic cocktails or medical ozone into the skin layers. Getting into the layers of the skin, the active components "start" the regeneration processes in it, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and replace the dead cells with new ones.

Remove stretch marks after childbirth can be done using microdermabrasion, during which the skin is literally sanded with fine abrasive particles. Widely used in medical practice and removal of stretch marks by laser - the principle of the procedure is that the laser beam, penetrating into the layers of the skin, "burns" the dead cells, giving way to the cells young. A chemical peeling is considered to be an aggressive method of removing stretch marks: during the procedure under the influence of acids, dead cells are dissolved and removed, thereby renewing the skin.

If no other procedures provide the proper effect, and to remove stretch marks after delivery becomes a necessity for the woman, physicians can recommend surgical removal. The operation, during which stretch marks are removed along with the damaged skin, is called abdominoplasty. And it is very painful - it is carried out under general anesthesia, and postoperative scars heal relatively for a long time and require observation. In addition, abdominoplasty is advised to combine later with abrasive methods that will be needed to remove scars after surgery. And one more thing: if stretch marks are observed above the navel, they can not be removed with the help of abdominoplasty.

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