How to remove stretch marks on the hips after delivery

How to remove stretch marks on the hips after childbirth?

Briefly about stretch marks

They are also called stria. Visually they look like whitish strips of small size, which are most often located on the chest, abdomen, thighs - those parts of the body that stretch during pregnancy. Hence the name - stretch marks. It is the bearing of the baby in most cases that leads to the appearance of such a skin problem. But sometimes the cause is rapid weight gain, hormonal failures.

There is an opinion that striae appear on the skin only in those women who were thin before the "interesting situation". It's wrong. Stretching is often "decorate" the body and the fairer sex with lush forms.

We are struggling with the problem

So, it's easier to handle stretch marks on hips than on chest. After all, the use of many drugs from the striae on the mammary glands is undesirable, especially during breastfeeding. The fight against the skin problem should be comprehensive, systematic and competent. This means that the procedures should be carried out regularly, combine with each other and follow a diet. Here are the recommended manipulations:

  1. Massage. Honey has an excellent effect. First thoroughly clean the skin in the thigh area. It is better to steam it out or hold a massage after visiting the sauna. Honey for manipulation should be of high quality. Preheat it a little, put it on the palm and make patting movements on the skin of the thighs until the product of beekeeping becomes tacky and viscous. It should become whitish in color. Let the honey after the massage a little more podudet on the skin, then rinse it and apply a moisturizer. The skin after the procedure should blush. Another type of massage with stretch marks is a can. He also struggles with cellulite. Perform the procedure with special glass jars sold in the pharmacy. Hydromassage is a good means of preventing and eliminating striae. At home, you can make contrast massage in the bathroom, and in the wellness centers you can be offered an underwater shower massage. The procedure softens stretch marks, restores elasticity to the skin.
  2. Wraps. Like previous manipulations, this is done after a preliminary cleansing of the skin. In advance, you need to prepare a wrapper. It can be honey, mixed with natural coffee, mustard powder with olive oil, seaweed, bought at the pharmacy. They should be applied to the hip zone, separately on each leg, and wrapped in food film. It is necessary to make 5-6 turns around each limb, then lie down for an hour and a half under the blanket, so that the remedy operates. At the end of the procedure, the composition is washed off with hot, then cool water, a contrast massage with a shower. Then you need to apply a moisturizer to your skin. Such manipulations are recommended to be done daily.
  3. Scrubs from stretch marks. Such means can be shop or cooked at home. For example, a good effect with striae produces an oatmeal, passed through a coffee grinder, mixed with sea salt and diluted with juice of the century. Spithe natural coffee, more precisely thick - another version of the means for skin scrubbing. You can mix sea salt and cream. The purpose of scrubs is to remove keratinized cells from the surface of the skin. Therefore, such cosmetics can not be used daily. Twice a week it can be done. Peeling and application of scrub should be combined with massage, making circular, rubbing and patting movements.
  4. Salon procedures. Many newly mummies suffer from a lack of time and do not physically manage to perform daily body treatments. It is easier for them to find an hour to visit a cosmetologist. He will offer removal of stretch marks with the help of ultrasound, laser or chemical peeling. The latter are painful methods of solving the problem.

So, there are a lot of options for eliminating striae after giving birth. But it is better to protect yourself from the appearance of stretch marks. And for this in the second half of pregnancy, when there is an active weight gain, it is necessary to use olive oil for massage of the hip, chest, abdomen. There are also special creams to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

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