How to restore the breast after birth

How to restore the shape of the breast after pregnancy

To restore the breast after childbirth can not be limited only to physical exercises. An important role in restoring the breast after birth is also played by proper nutrition, the use of creams and masks, and certain types of procedures.

It is important to consider that the elasticity of the chest, first of all depends on the condition of connective tissues. Therefore, our task is to strengthen these tissues so that the breast looks beautiful and elastic.

Let's take a look at the order that experts recommend to us for breast reconstruction after childbirth.

Contrast shower

Thanks to this pleasant procedure, the connective tissues and walls of the vessels are strengthened, making the breast shape gradually restored. In addition, the contrast shower gives courage and reserves us with energy for the whole day. Therefore, in the morning, take a contrast shower, pouring every breast for 10-15 seconds, alternating warm water with a cool one. The whole procedure should not exceed 5 minutes.

Rubbing the chest with ice cubes

This procedure can serve as an alternative to the contrast of the soul. When the breast is rubbed with ice cubes, the circulation of blood occurs stimulating, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the female breast.

Mask for the elasticity of the breast from kefir

This mask will strengthen the muscles of the chest and make it more attractive. To make a mask, mix 100 ml of kefir with 2 tbsp. l. honey. The mask is applied to both breasts for 15 minutes and after the time is washed off with warm water.

Tonic mask for breast from walnuts

This mask is rich in vitamins, which are necessary for tightening the skin and restoring the sagging breasts. To prepare the mask, you need to grind 5 cores of walnuts, mix with 1 tbsp. l. honey, 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp. l. butter. Stir the mixture thoroughly and apply on both breasts for 20 minutes.


In addition to the above recommendations, a set of physical exercises must be performed daily to restore the breast after childbirth. We present to you a complex of five exercises, which takes only 15 minutes and will help raise the tone of your breast without much effort.

So, let's start:

Exercise # 1

Stand up straight, pull your arms out in front of you and start moving the scissors. Alternately lower and raise your hands, performing this movement for one or two minutes.

Exercise # 2

Turn your face to the wall, and at arm's length, do push-ups from the wall 10-15 times.

Exercise # 3

Take in both hands two half-liter plastic bottles filled with water or sand. Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart. Divide your arms to the sides and perform slow circular movements first in one direction, then in the other. Perform 20 circular motions in each direction and proceed to the next exercise.

Exercise # 4

As in the previous exercise, spread your arms out to the sides holding dumbbells. Now slowly raise both hands up, hold in this position for 2-3 seconds and smoothly lower them down. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times.

Exercise # 5

Stand on all fours and lift a few feet apart, tearing them off the floor. Try to wring out in this position 8-10 times.

In conclusion, we recall that proper nutrition, in combination with all the above recommendations will help to speed up the recovery of the breast after delivery and achieve the desired result much faster. Therefore, your food should be rich in vitamins A, E and C, which are found in vegetables and citrus fruits.

Good luck and great results!

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