How to strengthen immunity during pregnancy

How to strengthen immunity during pregnancy

The immune system is a defense mechanism developed by evolution over millions of years. About 2/3 of the immune cells are in the intestine, so there should be a healthy microflora, determined by the number of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. For them, prebiotics are food - natural dietary fiber. That's why pregnant women need to regularly eat foods rich in fiber. This is the natural prebiotics. This category includes vegetables, fruits in the form of beans, chicory, figs, asparagus, bananas, apples, garlic, onions. The latter vegetables are not only a healthy microflora of the intestines, but also the intake of natural antibiotics. After all, onion and garlic in its composition contain phytoncides - active substances that suppress the development and growth of bacteria.

If a woman in the position does not like and can not consume garlic, then it can be cut and put into saucers, placing them all over the dwelling. Particularly relevant recommendation in the period of seasonal colds. You should avoid contact with a cold girlfriend and family, family members, refrain from visiting public places, traveling in transport. In the season of the epidemic, it is worth wearing a gauze dressing and 3-4 times a day lubricating the nasal mucosa with oxolin ointment.

As for the vaccination against influenza during this period, this is a strictly individual matter, which you must solve together with the supervising physician. In general, there are no direct contraindications to vaccination. However, the impact of vaccines on the future mother is not fully understood. Therefore, many gynecologists categorically oppose such a burden on the health of a pregnant woman.

Yes, in fact, vaccination will not give a 100% guarantee of protection against influenza. Is there any sense to take risks?

The intake of vitamins, appointed by the supervising obstetrician-gynecologist, is also a means of supporting immunity, especially in the early stages of bearing a baby.

You need to consume more fruits and berries that contain ascorbic acid. This is cranberry, citrus (especially yellow grapefruits), rose hips. However, if these women already had allergic reactions to these products, it is better not to take risks. During pregnancy, they may be aggravated.

It is important to consult with your doctor before starting any immunostimulant. As for plant stimulants of immunity, for example, aralia, echinacea, ginseng, their mechanism of action on immunity is not fully understood, so it is better not to use such means yourself. Do not exclude allergic reactions, as well as increased blood pressure.

Good immunity is a good dream and a sense of cheerfulness. So you should let yourself sleep for an hour or two during the day. At least on the weekend, be sure to force yourself to sleep in the daytime. You need to rest more and more often. Improve sleep will help airing the room where you sleep, wet cleaning. If there is such a possibility, then you need to use an air humidifier, an ionizer, a Chizhevsky lamp, which cleans the air of bacteria.

It will also be very useful to walk before going to bed. Let them become a habit, and the child will thank you for an additional portion of oxygen, so necessary for him for healthy development.

But with essential oils during pregnancy you need to be careful. Of course, pairs of lemon, orange, mandarin serve as a good prevention of colds, but they can cause in the body a woman's dislike, allergies from the respiratory system.

And, of course, try to saturate yourself with a lot of positive emotions. Attend events that you like, review your favorite films, read books, practice your hobbies. Good mood, self-confidence, calmness and a smile on the face are the best friends of immunity.

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