How to survive a divorce during pregnancy

How to survive a divorce during pregnancy

First of all, it is worth dumping thoughts about abortion, because the birth in the womb of a mother's life should not become the object of revenge and bidding. Later you will necessarily suffer conscience, and children after that you are unlikely to have if pregnancy is the first.

It is necessary, on the contrary, to perceive a child, as a precious treasure, which soon changed the meaning of your life. So act only in its interests.

First, let's look at the legal aspects of the problem. And here the main thing is that you are the mistress of the situation. After all, in order to arrange a divorce, you need a mutual consent of the husband and wife for this and the lack of minor children. If a woman does not give such consent, wants to keep her family, then the law grants her such a right. Marriage will not be terminated until the child reaches the age of one year. But if a woman wants to terminate the relationship, then she is entitled to "green light". Marriage during pregnancy is dissolved only on the voluntary initiative of a woman. The law in this case is on her side.

Perhaps, before the performance period, the child of the year in the relationship will change something, as they say, endures, falls in love, and very often it is the birth of a baby who reconciles the couple. But it's all afterwards.

What can you do if you are determined to break the family ties? How to survive this period painless for the child?

There are no painless divorces, but such situations are experienced in different ways. The main task of a woman is to ensure that negative experiences do not affect the baby's health. To do this, it is necessary to minimize all risks by changing the situation. It can be a move to parents, relatives, girlfriend. It is possible, if such an opportunity exists, to rent an apartment in order not to embarrass anyone. Next is to listen to the advice of psychologists:

  1. Support. It should be found in the circle of close people. Next to you should be a friend who knows how to listen, tell, help physically. It can be and mum, and godmother, and colleague.
  2. Do not close up. Do not retire and think about the past all the time. The best way to switch is employment. Every woman has hobbies, hobbies, which are always short of time. With divorce, this opportunity appears. You no longer need to wash, iron your shirts to your husband and coordinate with him your free time. So dedicate it to what you like. In this case, emotions should only be positive.
  3. Study the information about the upcoming births, childcare, after all, after his appearance in the world of time, it will be very little. And so you will usefully spend time for yourself and on the forums you can learn a lot of practical information.
  4. It's best to keep the phone next to you all the time. If you are alone, then deterioration, or just a desire to talk with someone - things are absolutely normal. And the benefit of civilization in this will help you. Also, the phone can come in handy in case of inadequate behavior of the husband.
  5. Think of the situation as a second chance. Do not dig in the past, because you can not change it already. Try to imagine a picture of a bright and bright future more often. Visualize! Think about how you walk with a carriage in the park, and the sun smiles at you with the baby; imagine how he tells you for the first time the word "mom"; draw in your mind a portrait of your crumbs peacefully sleeping with you; Think about how sincerely the child will embrace you when he grows up.
  6. Go to church if you are baptized. Put a candle for the health of your husband. Before the icon of the Virgin ask patience for yourself and health for the future baby. Faith in God and prayers to the Guardian Angel, Nicholas the Wonderworker will help you survive the difficult times. It is it that heals, heals and helps a woman to change, becomes wiser.

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