How to take birth in a woman

How to take delivery of a woman yourself?

Whoever has a fast birth ...

There are several categories of expectant mothers, who often develop premature births. Here they are:

  1. Pregnant at a young age, up to twenty years.
  2. Women in adulthood (over 30 years of age).
  3. Carrying out second and subsequent pregnancies, if they have a history of premature birth.
  4. Those who during the period of gestation had a threat of premature birth.
  5. Women with multiple pregnancies, when delivery takes place at 36-37 weeks.

So, if you do not belong to any of the risk groups, it is still important after 36 weeks of the term to exclude trips, long absences from home, keep your mobile phone with you all the time Prepare everything you need in the maternity hospital. This will save valuable time.

About the symptoms of approaching genera

The main signs of the onset of labor are:

  1. Departure of amniotic fluid. Usually they flow. They are about 200 grams. But sometimes women confuse the outflow of water with their leakage. The latter also requires urgent treatment for gynecological care. It is necessary to pay attention to what color of water. If they are greenish, then this is evidence of hypoxia of the fetus.
  2. The appearance of fights. These are severe pains that are a contraction of the uterus. The intensity of contractions increases, the gap between them decreases. Sometimes contractions may not be. A woman sometimes feels aching pains in the abdomen, back, similar to menstrual. Together with them, there is a chill, nausea. And this is also a symptom of the disclosure of the cervix.
  3. Start attempts. They feel irresistible urge to defecate. The appearance of attempts - evidence that the baby will be born in a few minutes.
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    When a woman senses the aforementioned precursors of childbirth and is at home alone, she should immediately call for an ambulance, call her husband, seek help from neighbors. In such cases, shyness and speech can not be. If you are traveling on a train - contact the conductor, they usually go through first aid courses. When a woman, being on the road, on a visit or in other conditions outside the home, feels that she will not be able to reach the maternity hospital, then she should not do this. It is better to let the births take place at home, rather than on the road, in a traffic jam.

    The birth began: what to do?

    If two or three people are near the woman giving birth at the time of delivery, then one should take responsibility for helping the woman. It, first of all, needs to be reassured, to give confidence, that all will end safely, and the doctor is already on the way. If childbirth is impetuous, then with the dispatcher "ambulance" the second person can be on constant communication and consult what to do at this or that stage of delivery.

    It is necessary to prepare everything that may be required to help a woman. This is iodine, alcohol (vodka in extreme cases), scissors, bandages, diapers, cotton wool, clean sheets, rubber pear. The woman should lie down comfortably, she should not be allowed to sit down to avoid squeezing the fetal head. All of the above items should be in the quick reach zone. You should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rub them with alcohol. Iodine is recommended to lubricate the phalanx of the fingers. But it is better to wear sterile gloves.

    When you see that the head is born, then the neck will appear first. Then she will turn her face to the hip of the woman in childbirth. If the child is born in a fetal bladder, then it must be ripped, releasing the head of the child. After the head turns, it is necessary to carefully suction the mucus from the mouth and spout with the pear. In extreme cases, it can be squeezed out from the nostrils alternately, using napkins for this. While the child does not completely emerge from the womb of his mother, he must be carefully held. If you see that the umbilical cord is wound around the neck of the crumb, remove it carefully, without tension. Bandage it at a distance of two centimeters from the skin of the baby right after it is born completely. Cut the umbilical cord in this area with previously disinfected scissors. Treat the tip with iodine solution. The baby must be wrapped in a sheet that is preheated. After this, you need to wait until the birth of the afterbirth. He is wrapped in a plastic bag, given to doctors who will come to the rescue. They hospitalize the child and mother in the hospital.

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