How to understand that the cork went away during pregnancy

How to understand, that the cork went away during pregnancy?

What is this?

The mucous plug that forms in the cervix of the uterus performs a protective function at the beginning of pregnancy. Due to the fact that it is formed, the risk of penetration of any infection into the cervix becomes minimal. The cork consists of mucus, special cells that "kill" bacteria and microbes "work" in it, if they try to penetrate this organ.

Shortly before birth, the cork should depart. Since during this period, the hormone estrogen is active in the body, and under its influence, the cervix begins to open gradually, causing the plug to separate.

As a rule, in all pregnant women this happens in different ways. In some women, this happens two weeks before the birth, others - in a few days or in a few hours. In any case, if this process has taken place, then the woman will have to give birth to a crumb very soon. Often happens so that an hour after the slime flows off, the woman starts contractions, and you need to hurry to the hospital. Therefore, before the birth of the future mother should be in all preparedness and clearly understand that if the cork has departed, the birth can begin very soon. Because it is important to collect all the necessary things and medicines in the hospital for childbirth and for the first time after the birth in advance.

How does this happen?

It is worth noting that, in most cases, a woman knows that the mucous plug is gone. The future mother feels, as if something sharply fell out of the vagina, and on the panties you can see abundant discharge with a mucus of yellowish color with particles of blood. If the pregnant woman sees that there is a little blood in the mucus secretions - do not worry. This indicates that under pressure from the opening of the cervix, capillaries have burst. But we draw your attention to the fact that if there is too much blood, this may indicate that the placenta exfoliation begins. This is a rather dangerous condition, so you can not delay, you should immediately seek qualified help. In most cases, a cork with blood veins goes away from women who give birth for the first time. This is due to the anatomical features of the body.

Sometimes a cork goes away while taking a shower, and then it's hard to understand what happened. There are cases, when this process occurs gradually, and after urinating, when a woman soaks the genitals with toilet paper, she sees clots of mucus throughout the day.

There are times when a woman feels a small pain before the cork has to leave. Sometimes it happens that the cork does not go away, and the doctor takes it out in the delivery room.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

If the pregnant woman is confident that the cork has moved away and the birth does not begin, then during this period it is worthwhile to carefully monitor your health and listen to the body. It is better not to swim in the pool, not to live a sexual life, because after the removal of the plug of any infection it will be much easier to penetrate into the female body.

In addition, if a woman is tormented by doubts that the cork has moved away, and with this process there were a lot of secretions, it is better to call or go to the reception to your gynecologist. As sometimes it happens that the pregnant woman confuses the leakage of amniotic fluid with the escape of the plug. The doctor will conduct an examination, ask in detail about how this happened, if necessary, assign the necessary tests. As a result of the examination and consultation the gynecologist will tell you what to do next: prepare to go to the hospital or stay at home. In any case, the experts advise mothers to not be shy and at the slightest doubt to consult. Because the timely treatment for help depends on how successful the delivery will be.

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