How to understand, that the stomach was lowered during pregnancy

How to understand, that the stomach has lowered at pregnancy?

When this happens

Lowering the abdomen, that is, the enlarged uterus, falls on the last, third trimester of bearing the baby. We emphasize that this process is individual, and there is no clear timeframe in which it occurs.

The reasons for it are natural. The fetus is actively growing, the uterus is increasing, creating a comfortable environment for the child to move, turn over. But in the final stage of gestation, the tone of her muscles is weakened, she can not hold the big fruit and therefore moves a little down.

Some women remember that they had this during the 29-30 week of pregnancy, and not on the eve of childbirth. Others say, that it was just a few days before the appearance of crumbs that such changes were felt. Still others did not observe such a phenomenon. The abdomen did not go down until the birth itself. This is confirmed by the doctors: the location of it may not change at all.

Still, in the lowering of the tummy there are their own tendencies, depending on what kind of pregnancy a woman has. So, at the first it is observed on a period of 4 weeks to 2 days before delivery. During the second pregnancy, the process takes place at 34-35 weeks. And this is quite normal, because the birth can begin earlier - at a period of 38 weeks.

How does this happen?

Not every woman, and this mainly concerns the first-born, can understand and feel that the uterus has dropped a little. This process is accompanied by several symptoms:

  1. Heartburn disappeared. It can completely stop, because the uterus occupies the lowest position, stops the pressure on the stomach.
  2. Urination has become more frequent. This, again, is the result of lowering the abdomen. It presses on the bladder, which leads to frequent trips to the toilet, even at night.
  3. The distance from the chest to the abdomen increased. You can make sure of this by placing a palm between them.
  4. Relief of shortness of breath. She often worries women in the last trimester. And when the pregnant tummy descends, it stops, breathing is greatly facilitated.
  5. Appearance of excreta similar to thrush. This is due to the increase in the tone of the uterus. If they become pinkish or brown, then this is an occasion to urgently appeal to the observing gynecologist.
  6. Fetal activity decreases. Since the baby in the abdomen becomes very tight, then his motor activity mom feels less.
  7. Weight decreases. And this sign is typical of pregnant women after lowering their tummy. Weight can be reduced by one and a half to three kilograms.

As you can see, all the signs indicate that the future mother after this process feels better and easier. Thus, nature facilitates her well-being, gives more strength to prepare for the most important process.

As for the duration of the process of lowering, then, again, everything is individual. Some pregnant women remember that their tummy took a low position literally overnight, others did this for several days, or even weeks.

It is not difficult to recognize a pregnant tummy that has fallen down. By the way, it is more noticeable to those people who do not meet a pregnant woman every day. Having seen her in a week or two after such a process, they ascertain that the shape of the tummy has changed. He became more extended forward, as if hanging down, lowering below the level of the hip bone. The appearance of the future mother becomes heavier. She herself observes that the number of stretch marks has increased on her stomach. An unpleasant phenomenon is the result of stretching the skin.

Another characteristic feature is the firmness of the abdomen and the appearance of the waist, which until then was little noticeable, merged with the hips.

All of these features are standard. They can manifest themselves in full and all at once, and may not be observed at all, in fact, in fact the uterus is slightly lowered. If the woman was full before pregnancy, then, most likely, the omission of her pregnant tummy externally will be little noticeable. But the leaners all the way around.

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