How to use a pregnancy test

How to use the pregnancy test?

To begin with, any purchased test determines pregnancy by the amount of chorionic hormone (hCG) in the urine. It is this hormone in the body of a pregnant woman is much higher than in the usual state. Therefore, as soon as you have a suspicion of pregnancy, you can safely go to the pharmacy after the test and make sure of the presence or absence of pregnancy. But here the following question arises: how can one choose the one that suits you in such a variety of tests? To do this, consider what pregnancy tests, in fact, are.

The most common and popular pregnancy test is a "test strip". This pregnancy test is not only easy to use, but is the cheapest of all the proposed options. Its name was given to this test due to the fact that it is made in the form of a paper strip, which is impregnated with a reactive substance. To determine the pregnancy, you should collect the morning urine in a small container, put a strip on it for a few seconds, put it on a flat, dry surface and after a few minutes determine the result. So, if on the test one bright stripe is clearly pronounced - the result is negative, that is, there is no pregnancy. In the case where both stripes are stained, the result is positive. The drawbacks of this test are that in case of improper use, an inaccurate result may occur. For example, if you are not long enough or on the contrary, holding the strip for too long in the urine, the result may be erroneous. But there is a way out: for reliable information, we advise you to purchase several tests at once and compare the results.

Tablet pregnancy test is considered more reliable. In this test, there are two holes, one of which places urine. After that, the liquid falls on the reactive substance contained in the test, and interacts with the urine. A few minutes later in the second hole the indicator will show the result.

A pregnancy pregnancy test has the greatest accuracy in determining the result. The price of this test is much higher than the rest. The basis of the test is the same urine, which when painted with hCG is colored blue.

Next, consider the time from which it is most rational to use the pregnancy test. It is important to know, that the production of hormone hCG begins already after 7 days after the onset of fertilization. The most reliable results of the pregnancy test are determined after the first day of the delay in menstruation. Therefore, from this day, you can safely carry out this test. There are also tests that determine pregnancy from the first day of fertilization or 5 days before the proposed menstruation. These, in essence, include jet pregnancy tests. In addition, almost all pregnancy tests show the result with a confidence of 99%. Thus, it is possible to use this method with confidence to determine pregnancy and to ascertain their effectiveness by their example.

However, if your doubts about the results of the test do not give you rest, then the best way out of the situation will be a doctor's visit. We wish you good luck and the result you expect. Be healthy!

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