How to wear a bandage during pregnancy

How correctly to wear a bandage during pregnancy?

How to wear a bandage?

You do not need to think about buying a belt before 19-22 weeks.

However, it is necessary not only to find a suitable model for yourself, but also to understand how to properly wear it, so as not to hurt your health and do not turn the bandage into a useless thing. Thanks to a few simple tips, every woman will cope with this manipulation:

  • It is best to take a reclining position for maximum comfort. Thus, the bandage is easier to tighten.
  • Before you put on your belt, you need to relax and lie down for about twenty minutes. Perhaps the baby will move to the upper abdomen. Due to this, the load on the bladder will be significantly less, which will have a good effect on the well-being of the future mother.
  • For the bandage to perform its functions, it must be applied in such a way that the pubic bone is captured. The main thing is that pressure on the stomach is not too strong, but it should not sag.
  • After the belt is securely fastened, it is recommended to lie down for ten minutes. During this time the body will have time to get used a little - and the discomfort from wearing will noticeably decrease.
  • It is very important to monitor the cleanliness of the bandage in order to ensure absolute hygiene.
  • If exploitation brings severe discomfort for a few days, then this should be alarming. Perhaps, the belt is not properly worn or does not fit the anatomical features. In this case, you need to consult a doctor.

In addition to these tips, it is important to know what you should not do at all:

  • The bandage must be worn on underwear. This will reduce discomfort, and the belt will not slide down.
  • It is strictly forbidden to sleep in it. In a state of rest, this device is absolutely not required. If this recommendation is disregarded, the blood vessels may be transmitted. This definitely will not benefit the future child.
  • If you wear a bandage while standing, the load is not properly distributed. Instead of the desired relief, you can get back pain and strong pressure on the uterus.
  • The belt is not desirable to be worn throughout the day. Every two hours it is better to remove it for a while, so that the body rests from dense tissue.
  • Decide whether a pregnant woman needs a bandage or not, only her doctor.

Who needs to wear a bandage?

When it comes to appointing a special support belt, it's worth familiarizing yourself with the reasons why you need to wear it:

  • If there are significant problems with the spine.
  • When a girl bore twins, often without a bandage can not do.
  • Extensions are a big problem for women. This device significantly reduces the risk of their appearance.
  • When a future mother leads an active lifestyle or continues to attend work in position.
  • Inadequate physical preparation (weakness of the abdominal muscles).

Which band to choose, and how do they differ?

Fortunately, the manufacturers took care that women could choose the belt that suits them. But each species has advantages in addition to advantages, which you must know about. The most common on sale:

  • Universal bandages. They are designed to be worn as during pregnancy, and in the postpartum period. This makes it possible to save money considerably. This species is distinguished by its wide width and elasticity, which helps to fix the child's position well. Reliable velcro fasteners are made in such a way that the belt is not unfastened during movement.
  • Panties. This bandage is very easy to wear and put on. It keeps well enough and does not cause discomfort. A huge downside is the need for frequent washing. It is also impossible to remove it on time, while away from home.
  • Belt. It differs in small dimensions and increased strength. This species supports the lower abdomen and does not transmit blood vessels. It is virtually invisible under clothes, besides, there is always the possibility to weaken the belt when necessary.

In conclusion, it is important to say that the sock of the bandage should not cause pain and significant inconvenience. A future mother should trust her feelings, which will not damage the fetus and their own health. Correctly matched and put on a belt, it will help to easily spend time in the fresh air and do household chores.

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