Hyaluronic acid in pregnancy

Can I prick hyaluronic acid during pregnancy?

Many women use the services of cosmetologists to get rid of unattractive wrinkles, smooth the face and make the skin ideal. But such cosmetic manipulations give an effect only if carried out regularly. In other words, single procedures will not give the desired result. To keep the effect for a long time, it is necessary to repeat the manipulation from time to time.

How does hyaluronic acid affect the condition of the skin?

Hyaluronate, or hyaluronic acid, is an important component of the human skin. This substance takes an active part in the regenerating processes of the skin. Besides, Hyaluronate is responsible for the water balance of the skin. With its deficiency, the skin loses its natural elasticity and elasticity.

Age - a ruthless enemy of the skin. With age, each person decreases the amount of hyaluronic acid, resulting in the skin becoming dry, faded and old.

But today this problem can be solved with the help of modern cosmetic procedures, which include the artificial introduction of a useful substance. Thus, the dermal layer increases, and the skin condition improves significantly. Today, many fashionistas improve their appearance through such procedures.

Is it possible to apply hyaluronate in pregnancy?

Unfortunately, cosmetic procedures that include the administration of acid are contraindicated in women, waiting for the baby. In addition, they are forbidden to be carried out during breastfeeding. The fact is that during these important periods for women it is forbidden to use this substance because of possible intolerance and manifestation of an allergic reaction. Therefore, women in the position of doctors are advised to give up this kind of pleasure in favor of the health of the future baby.

It is also dangerous to increase or correct the lips through the introduction of acid. Although in this case the substance only affects the problem areas, the consequences of such procedures can adversely affect the development of crumbs. In addition, such a procedure has a number of serious limitations, so women need to take this fact into account.

But the taboo on hyaluronic acid during pregnancy does not mean, that women in the situation should refuse to care for the appearance. They just need to choose safer means of careu behind the skin.

Consequences of the use of hyaluronic acid in pregnancy

The fact that the use of acid during pregnancy (as well as breastfeeding) is prohibited, we have already told. But for women to better understand the dangers of the cosmetic procedure, one must also discuss its consequences.

First, during pregnancy there is a high probability of allergy. In addition, in the body of the future mother there are significant changes in the hormonal background, which increase the manifestation of adverse reactions during cosmetic interventions. Also, hyaluronate can cause many pathological disorders in an unborn baby. The fact is that the constituents of the acid can get into the bloodstream, and this is the direct way to the baby in the mother's womb, which can, together with useful substances, obtain a dose of harmful. Therefore, when using hyaluronate, the risk of not only developing pathologies in the fetus, but also aborting the pregnancy, increases. In addition, during the bearing of the child this substance negatively affects the quality of the mother's milk, which has already begun to accumulate.

Every sensible mother should do everything possible, and sometimes impossible, for the baby to be healthy, so for the time of bearing a child, she must give up dangerous procedures, at least for the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding. And you can keep beauty and attractiveness and alternative methods that are safe, both for the future mother and her crumbs.

Alternative ways to care for appearance during pregnancy

Perfectly improve the condition of the skin folk methods that are very popular among women in the situation. Of course, the effect of them is not as fast as we would like, but masks and creams made from natural and useful products are less harmful to the future child. In addition, the folk technique perfectly restores the natural beauty of the skin, improving their elasticity and elasticity.

But to use hyaluronic acid, women can only if it does not pose any danger for the crumbs, that is, after the end of the lactation period.

Special food

Do not forget about nutrition, because the products are natural suppliers of beneficial vitamins and trace elements, which are important for the health of mother and child. In addition, all that, what we eat is reflected in our appearance, that's why experts recommend introducing into the diet of a pregnant woman products containing hyaluronic acid or substances that activate its production (for example, magnesium, ascorbic acid). We offer you a list of useful edible during pregnancy:

  • meat;
  • liver;
  • starchy fruit and vegetable products (especially banana, plum, orange);
  • potatoes;
  • beans;
  • dairy products.

But from soy products, women in the situation should refuse or at least reduce their intake, as they increase the level of estrogens, due to which the content of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases.

Nutrition - an important component of the full development of the baby, so in pursuit of beauty, women should first of all think about the well-being of the child. Correcting your nutritional diet, pregnant women need to carefully select food, as not all of them can be consumed in the waiting for crumbs, even if they contain hyaluronate.

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