I can not get pregnant

Why can not I get pregnant and what should I do?

For example, the non-occurrence of pregnancy can be due to the fact that a woman simply does not fall at the right time. That is, sexual acts are quite rare and occur at a time when there is no ovulation. Ovulation is the process of maturation of the egg in the follicle and its release "at will", where it can meet a sperm. If the sexual intercourse occurred during the period of ovulation, and the egg was fertilized, it is not a fact that the pregnancy will develop. Because a fertilized egg should be successfully implanted into the wall of the uterus. But the cases described are norm variants that do not indicate any problems with the woman's reproductive health. It's just that the stars are not so close. But if the pregnancy does not come within a year, or even a longer period, and sexual relations with her husband are regular, it is worth digging deeper. If the age of a woman exceeds the "35" mark, then experts are advised to consult after six months.

One of the reasons for the state when women complain "I can not get pregnant" there is no ovulation. In this case, the spermatozoon has nothing to fertilize and conception becomes impossible. To determine the presence of ovulation, you can use different methods, ranging from subjective sensations, measuring basal body temperature (in the rectum), using tests for home ovulation determination before performing an ultrasound. As a rule, the reasons for the absence of ovulation may be metabolic disorders, thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus, polycystic ovary syndrome and many others. Violation of patency of the fallopian tubes can also cause the absence of ovulation. In certain cases, it is possible to restore the patency of tubes by means of microsurgery. Otherwise, the woman will be recommended in vitro fertilization.

The absence of pregnancy can be a consequence of the pathology of the uterine cavity. Moreover, pathologies can be both congenital (as, for example, uterine underdevelopment, septum in uterine cavity, saddle uterus), and acquired (intrauterine fusion, endometrial polyps, uterine myoma). This can be determined using ultrasound and diagnostic hysteroscopy. Sometimes for treatment it is necessary to resort to surgical interventions, and sometimes you have to turn to donors.

Gynecologic diseases also often cause the inability to become pregnant. Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, sexually transmitted diseases lead to a disruption in the reproductive function of a woman. If the gynecologist has established the disease after the tests and examinations, it is necessary to cure him immediately. And you need to treat both a woman and a man.

It happens that with complaints "I can not become pregnant", women who have already given birth to one or even two children refer. The causes of this state of affairs may be chronic diseases that the woman acquired by that time, a decrease in the general tone of the organism or a decrease in the activity of the sex cells of her spouse.

Yes, not always the cause of problems with conception is a woman. If the quality of the husband's sperm is not the same as it should be for successful fertilization, you will have to treat it. Spermogram - analysis, which gives an answer to this question - shows the amount, mobility and morphology of spermatozoa. If the fathers of the "tadpoles" have poor motor activity and can not move normally through the cervical mucus of the cervical canal of a woman, pregnancy will not come. Postcoital test will help to establish this and, if necessary, take action. The postcoital test is also called the compatibility test. It is best to pass it on the 8-11 day of the menstrual cycle. If the cause is still in the man, he will be prescribed treatment with drugs that can improve both the number and quality of germ cells. To this end, various methods are also used.

If a woman does not manage to get pregnant after a pregnancy has stopped, you need to undergo a special examination to determine the cause of fading, and also allow the body to rest for at least six months.

Sometimes the cause of infertility seems rather mystical, because it is not entirely perceived by the mind. It happens in those cases when couples who do not have children, but, and at the same time, have no reason for infertility, and do not become pregnant. In such cases, psychologists claim about the moral unwillingness of young people to become parents, allegedly the subconscious mind blocks such an opportunity. As far as this corresponds to the truth, it has not been scientifically proven. But the fact that the situation in a couple without a diagnosis of "infertility" looks, as if this diagnosis exists - is found in real life. Sometimes to solve a problem it's enough to stop focusing on this issue, to rest. It will be useful to hold a joint holiday at sea or somewhere outside the home city - away from the usual bustle, acquaintances and deeds.

Whatever the reason for the non-occurrence of pregnancy, you should always seek help from specialists, because hoping that everything will happen by itself is not the best option. And you always have to believe. Believe in the best. What is very soon under the heart of a woman a new, such a long-awaited and such a beloved life, will arise.

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