I can not get pregnant: reasons

The reasons why a woman can not get pregnant

Risk Factors

We will not talk about cases when a woman has physiological obstacles to conception. It means the presence of chronic diseases of the genital area, a thin endometrium after abortion, obstruction of the fallopian tubes and other diseases. These pathologies must be treated medically with an individual approach. In this case, no advice will help.

It will be about those factors, which adversely affect the onset of pregnancy in a healthy woman who has a regular sex life with a regular partner.

Medicine calls such reasons for reducing fertility and the impossibility of conception:

  1. Smoking, alcohol, drugs. Smokers are 60% more likely to have problems with conception than non-smokers. Studies have found that eggs and spermatozoa of people with such bad habits are much weaker. It's not just about a woman, but about a man, his sexual "weakness." In addition, if a woman does not smoke, but is constantly in a smoke trap, then as a passive smoker is also subject to the negative influence of tobacco. Judge for yourself: cigarette smoke contains about 2000 thousand chemicals! The influence of alcohol and drugs on conception is much more dangerous. Imagine "drunk" spermatozoa and eggs. Will they be able to conceive a healthy child?
  2. Caffeine abuse. A cup of invigorating coffee in the morning, another at work to stimulate the brain, then another for the company with colleagues. This is about you? Caffeine reduces fertility, and abuse of it during pregnancy can even lead to miscarriages. Want to conceive a child? Then your rate is one cup of coffee a day. No more! Take into account the fact that caffeine is present in chocolate, tea, energy, Coca-Cola.
  3. Irrational nutrition. Women who want to become pregnant need to start taking folic acid 3 months before. It reduces the risk of having children with pathologies of the neural tube and is an excellent preventive tool for preparing the future mother's organism for pregnancy. A future mother in the period of pregnancy planning needs to eat more vegetable proteins, fresh fruit vegetables, fiber-rich foods. Such a diet will be a good basis for the embodiment of the desire to become a mother.
  4. Hypodynamia. Do you spend 90% of the time at the computer, do not go out into the open air and do not go in for sports? Rebuild, because physical activity, improves immunity and mood, makes the eggs and spermatozoa mobile and active.
  5. Obesity, overweight. What do you think, which organism has more chances to conceive: sick or healthy? So, obesity is a disease that negatively affects the childbearing function. By the way, too much leanness is not a sign of health either.
  6. Lifestyle and general attitude. If a woman lives in a constant state of stress, she not only breaks the cycle, but ovulation also disappears. You must learn to relax, switch and calm down. Perhaps this will help in this massage or aromatherapy. And can it still be worth changing jobs? As for the mood, then you just have to believe that you will succeed, not to be depressed, not to be nervous every time the menstrual periods begin. In short, do not be too hung up on the desire to have a child. Relax, switch to an interesting lesson, a hobby, and you will not notice how the expected delay will happen in a month or two.
  7. Age. In couples older than 35, the chances of conception are much lower than those of 20-year-olds. After all, the age of a woman affects not only the frequency of ovulation, but also the quality of eggs. It is about their "old age". By the way, statistics show that, that in 80% of couples pregnancy occurs within half a year, 90% of fertilization is possible after 12 months. (This is taking into account regular sexual relations on favorable days).

Male infertility

For some reason we are considered to be that the "culprit" of childlessness is a woman. Very often healthy women take tests several times in different centers, go to all sorts of grandmothers, and they do not even guess that the person responsible for everything is a husband. Medical statistics indicate that the man is such a culprit in thirty percent of cases of infertility. Unfortunately, male infertility does not have any symptoms, which can be detected without special tests.

In addition to infertility, the cause of the inability to conceive a child in a pair may be other characteristics of a man. For example, the constant wearing of tight clothing (too tight-fitting fashion jeans), sedentary work make the spermatozoa less active. The weakened state does not enable them to perform the function of fertilization normally.

Unexplained infertility

Such infertility doctors are called idiopathic. Almost 30% of healthy married couples medicine can not find the cause of childlessness. Yes, this is a rather strange phenomenon, when both partners are healthy, but there are no children. We hope that this is not your case. By the way, there are examples when someone from a childless couple after a divorce or simply parting successfully became a father or mother with another partner.

We wish you to feel the joy of fatherhood and motherhood as soon as possible. Do not despair, your time will come!

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