I can not get pregnant with a second child

Why can not I get pregnant with a second child?

Let's look at the most common ones and try to find out when you really need to contact doctors, and when you can deal with a similar problem yourself.

Diagnosis - infertility

The diagnosis of infertility women put in cases where she leads a regular sex life, is not protected and does not become pregnant within two years. This period is shortened for another year, if she is at the age of 35 and older. After all, not every monthly cycle in its body is ovulation. The older the woman, the less often ovulation occurs.

Sometimes, with a 3-month inability to become pregnant, the woman is already beginning to worry and get nervous. This is not surprising, after all, when everything was normal with the first pregnancy, it was planned and desired, then why does it not happen the second time? The reasons for concern are not, if there are no complaints about health and you have the same husband. Let nature decide when you become pregnant. You just need to calm down and wait.

Why does not pregnancy occur?

So, the reason for the non-occurrence of pregnancy can be just a mummy's obsession with wanting to have a child. A calm psychological state is the guarantee of the embodiment of a dream. And when a woman's desire turns into an obsession with raping her husband on favorable days, then none of this will come out. It is only necessary to switch to something else (for example, to find yourself some sort of hobby), as the couple discovers that an interesting situation has just arrived!

Many young mothers in the period of breastfeeding the first baby are already beginning to plan a second pregnancy, wanting to have children-weather. It is worth noting that in such plans, its correction is also made by nature. After all, the probability of ovulation, and accordingly conception is too small for this time. The reason is that the hormone prolactin, which blocks the onset of pregnancy in nursing mothers, is at a high level.

Many women use traditional methods to become pregnant. For example, drink infusion borovoy uterus or sage. Some measure the basal temperature, lie after sexual intercourse with the legs raised up. If all methods and methods have been tried for two years and nothing has helped, then you need to see a doctor. The doctor, as a rule, will direct you to the delivery of general tests, analyzes for hormones.

You will definitely be assigned ultrasound on the specific days of your cycle. When there are no abnormalities, folliculometry can help. This is a method of ultrasound monitoring that controls the growth of the follicle in the ovary. This diagnosis increases the chance of conception. Another, reliable method is the test for ovulation, with which you can correctly calculate the favorable time for conception.

And still try it!

Sometimes obstetrician-gynecologists advise women to be one of the effective ways to conceive a child. They recommend 3-4 consecutive months to take oral contraceptives. It is after the cessation of their admission and the long-awaited pregnancy comes. This is possible immediately in the first month after the abolition of contraceptives. At the same time, an obligatory condition is the health of both partners and a regular sex life. By the way, no need to worry that these drugs somehow can affect the future embryo.

Gynecologists can advise you to resort to another effective method of conception. IVF and ICSI are methods of artificial insemination. Such procedures are expensive. But the future child is much more expensive than the money spent for his appearance. Is not it?

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