I want to get pregnant

What to do, to quickly get pregnant?

Rule one

Before you plan a pregnancy, your body needs to gain strength. And by this, it will be very useful to leave, rest by the sea or just a weekly time-out. It is possible that pregnancy does not occur because of fatigue and constant stress. Therefore, before you have a new life inside you, examine yourself and put your health in order.

< h3> Second Rule

Nutrition should also contribute to conception. Therefore, make sure that on your table there are always foods rich in vitamins. It is especially important that your man should eat right. In order for male sex cells to be strong and energetic, enrich your daily diet with nuts, meat, fish. Do not forget about walks in the open air. Experts argue that such a two-week health-improving complex significantly increases the chances of conceiving a baby.

Third rule

It should be noted that too intense and frequent sex life is not the key to successful conception. On the contrary, if you are planning a pregnancy and even counted the day of ovulation, then until the "cherished" day is better to refrain from sex for at least a couple of days. In this case, the activity of spermatozoa significantly increases.

Quarter Rule

There is an opinion that it is not necessary to have an orgasm to conceive a child. The fact is that during orgasm the cervix changes its position - it slightly lifts. This position can interfere with the free penetration of spermatozoa.

The fifth rule

Many women who plan a pregnancy, just before sex, douche soda solution. This is necessary in order to destroy, all the pathogenic bacteria that can hinder conception. Even if you are sure that you are healthy - douche does not hurt.

Rule Six

After the end of the sexual act, do not rush to jump up and cheerfully run into the shower. There is an opinion that for the final "fixing" of spermatozoa in the uterus you need to lie on your back, slightly bending your knees. Moreover, if you have a bending of the uterus, then you should lie on your stomach. Rest in this position for 15 minutes and then go to the shower.

Rule Seven

For couples planning a child, it is recommended to use poses that are most conducive to conception. In this case, extreme and exotic poses should be postponed for a while. The most appropriate pose is "missionary", "doggy style" and "spoon".

Rule eight

If you are planning a pregnancy, then try to think positively. Throw away the thought of a possible failure. Think about the fact that pregnancy will happen and it will go well. Remember, that if a woman is nervous, fallopian tubes will contract in an "incorrect" rhythm, which does not contribute to successful conception. Try to relax.

Of course, some rules may seem to you to put it mildly, meaningless. But, maybe it will help you one day to find the second strip on the test? Try using these simple guidelines for successful conception and share your results with us in the comments.

Good luck to you!

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