Icon assistant during childbirth

Icon assistant during childbirth

Preparing for childbirth, even an unbelieving woman remembers prayer, although she does not know how to pray, to whom to pray & hellip; People who are more close to the church, willingly give advice. First of all, we will be told about the icon "In the birth of a helper". It is praying before this holy way, we will receive spiritual strength, strength and faith in ourselves before the forthcoming birth.

The icon "In childbirth assistant" was found in 1993. It is not known about its true copy and its location. But there are many lists and new versions of this icon in the churches of the Orthodox Church. The miraculous power of the image was experienced by many pregnant women and even by those who for a long time were considered fruitless.

In the Great Lent of 1993, the abbot of the cathedral in Serpukhov, Archpriest Vladimir Andreev, first saw this icon. It was handed over by an old woman, whom the priest communed at home. For many years of atheism, an icon was kept in the attic. They took it from there all the dark, in the dust and cobweb with a smoky rhizome. Father saw such an icon for the first time. It was called "Support for childbirth". And since that time, miracles that pray before the holy image do not stop.

Father Vladimir himself witnessed some incredible stories. Praying before the icon, women safely gave birth despite all the gloomy forecasts of doctors. There are cases when in the womb of the mother the fetus took the right position after a zealous prayer before the holy face of the Mother of God. Even barren women have learned the joy of motherhood by believing in the power of the Miraculous Icon.

They depict the Most Holy Theotokos on the icon in different ways. The most common are the two canonical versions of the Miracle-working image.

  • The Virgin is depicted full-length with her hands raised in prayer, the infant Jesus is at the level of her breast;
  • The Virgin is depicted with her hair and uncovered head, under the folded arms, as if in the womb the Savior is depicted.

According to the Orthodox canons, the Mother of God is depicted with a covered head, so the second version of the icon may have a Western origin. The upper robe of the Blessed Virgin Mary is red with a golden tint, and the stars sparkle on the shoulders. The lower one is dark green with a golden reflection. They name the icon in different ways: help in childbirth, help to wives of children, give birth to children.

Father Vladimir, taking the icon in the temple, standing in front of the holy face, composed an akathist, which is read to this day by pregnant women or their relatives with difficult delivery. The power of prayer reduces pain, reduces bleeding, gives strength to the mother and strengthens the baby.

Before the icon "In the birth of a helper" they read the following prayer:

O Most Holy Theotokos, Mother, our merciful! Point to us, in the sorrow of those who are and in sin, always being your servant (s), his mercy and do not despise us, his sinful slaves.

We resort to You, Most Holy Theotokos, many in the consciousness of our sins and pray: visit our helpless souls and ask from your beloved Son and our God to give us (your names) forgiveness to us, your servants. Edina the Most Pure and Blessed, all our hope for thee are: The Most Merciful Mother of God, keep us under the veil of His.

The power of prayer is incomparable. Sincere faith works wonders. Remember this.

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