Incompatibility at conception

Incompatibility of partners at conception

In medicine, such situations are called incompatibility at conception. There are the following types of incompatibility:

  • immune - by blood group / rhesus;
  • Genetic - the birth of children with Down's syndrome or with another disability in absolutely healthy parents.

Does this diagnosis become a sentence for a couple or do spouses have a chance to conceive an heir? And what is it? incompatibility at conception?

Causes of incompatibility in conception

The number of infertile marriages around the world is increasing every year. In Russia itself, about 15 percent of married couples can not conceive a child due to infertility of one spouse or both. The causes of infertility are distributed almost equally between both spouses: one third of cases are associated with women, one third? with men, the last third falls on joint projects (20%) and unexplained cases (10%). Studies of practicing doctors and scientists indicate the presence of psychogenic changes and psychological trauma in all situations of infertility.

The infertility of marriage is said when a married couple who lives a regular sex life does not achieve the desired pregnancy within a year. However, the spouses do not use any of the types of contraception.

Immunological incompatibility in conception

In such cases, couples often put a disappointing diagnosis of "immunological infertility." Although with this diagnosis, conception is still possible, but in the absence of constant monitoring of the doctor and appropriate treatment, pregnancy in most cases is interrupted.

First of all, when a suspicion of the immunological incompatibility of a particular couple is suspected, a man needs to be examined, for which he will have to pass a seminal fluid to the study (spermogram). Do it in clinics specializing in family planning. The results of this analysis will determine the amount and mobility of spermatozoa, as well as assess other equally important indicators of sperm. In addition, they will confirm, or, conversely, refuted the presence of inflammatory diseases in the organs of the genitourinary system of men.

So what is immunological infertility?

This means that the immune system of a particular woman produces antibodies that destroy the sperm of a particular man. Recent research shows that in about 30 percent of cases, this form of infertility or the so-called incompatibility factor is the cause of infertility of marriages. It's about some allergy to the sperm of a man, or, oddly enough, it sounds, the allergic reaction of the man himself to his own seed. The reason for this is too high a number of so-called "antisperm antibodies" that do not allow the sperm to fulfill its fertilizing function. They can be formed in the body by both men and women.

Antisperm antibodies prevent not only conception, but also affect the course of pregnancy.

So why does the & ldquo; allergy & rdquo; on a specific person? And why is the level of antisperm antibodies raised?

Antisperm antibodies are the culprits of incompatibility

There is a scientific opinion that the risk of the appearance of these antibodies in a woman is directly proportional to the number of her sexual partners. Adverse sexually transmitted infections can be an unfavorable factor. But all the same, the main reason for the appearance in the female body of antisperm antibodies is a specific immune response to the seed of a certain male. Contribute to this and our psyche, and the brain, which directly affect the most subtle mechanisms of the body, and on the reaction of the immune system itself.

The presence of a certain amount of these antibodies in the body of a woman can lead to toxicosis, spontaneous abortion or delay in the development of the fetus. Therefore, the test for immunological compatibility must necessarily pass to both spouses.

Often, the cause of the impossibility of conception are additional complications in the form of a two-horny uterus, malformation of the ovaries or hypoplasia of the cervix.

Rhesus-conflict and incompatibility at conception

Incompatibility at conception is also possible in the presence of different Rh factors in the spouses. To safely conceive a child, both spouses must have the same Rh factor of blood - positive or negative.

If the Rh factors are different, then there may be problems not only in the conception of the child and during pregnancy, but even after his birth (meaning the health of the newborn).

If the spouses with different Rh-factors of blood decided to give birth to a child, they must before the conception undergo special therapy, so that the mother's body does not subsequently reject the fetus. It should be noted that the healthier child is born in the couple where the blood group of the father is higher than that of the mother.

But hope is always

In no case should you despair. Even in such situations, there is a sufficiently high chance of becoming pregnant and bearing the first-born. However, with subsequent pregnancies, a number of difficulties may arise.

In some cases, the immunological mechanism of the mother's body can begin to produce antibodies against the Rh factor of the father. As a result, maternal antibodies penetrate the placenta and begin to attack the red blood cells of the fetus, causing this development of anemia.

From a genetic and immunological point of view, spouses with different blood groups are considered to be compatible, but having the same RH (negative or positive). But in couples who have the same blood type but different Rh factors, there is a very high probability of incompatibility during conception.

Compatibility test

If a spouse can not conceive a child for a long time, they both need to pass a compatibility test, for which you will have to pass a blood test and go through other concomitant studies that the attending physician will already appoint.

But even if, as a result of all the studies and tests conducted, an incompatibility in any factor will be discovered? Do not get depressed and do not despair. Remember: modern medicine is in constant development, in constant discoveries, which always gives potential moms a great chance to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. And do not forget that the most basic factor for conceiving a child is not so much the compatibility of the spouses, as the presence of their sincere feelings. The birth of the long-awaited baby will overcome all obstacles!

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