Increased gas formation after birth

Increased gas formation after childbirth - causes and methods of treatment

Why does flatulence occur

In most cases, increased gas formation is associated with the nutrition of the young mummy. Therefore, to combat the problem, you need to adjust the menu, exclude products that cause gas formation. It's about beans, black bread, white cabbage, milk. In addition to them, the flatulence of a woman in the field of birth can also be caused by combinations of incompatible products. For example, such are those that contain protein and starch. This means that meat should not be consumed with pasta and potatoes. To meat dishes it is better to serve vegetables, salads from them. The best option for a nursing mother is broccoli.

The food should be gentle. Broths, soups, still water, cereals, juices are those foods that are recommended to be included in the menu in the first days after delivery. Gradually they are added vegetables, boiled meat, eggs, biscuits, croutons, bananas, thermally processed carrots, beets, broccoli, apples.

Women should not forget, that for the normal work of the digestive organs it is necessary to consume enough water. Sometimes this important and simple recommendation by mothers is not observed.

Do not use after birth and exotic foods. The intestine will be easier to cope with ordinary, simple food. In this case, the mode of its reception must be a fractional, 5-6-time one.

Less often, the cause of flatulence in women after the appearance of the baby is the displacement of internal organs. The growing uterus in the last trimester of gestation displaces the pelvic organs and intestines. They need a certain amount of time to return to their original, natural location. During this period, the whole digestive system can malfunction. In this case, for rapid restoration of the functions of internal organs, it is necessary to perform special gymnastics.

Also, the cause of flatulence after childbirth can be inflammatory processes in the digestive system; dysbacteriosis, intestinal parasites; acute intestinal infections; nervous disorders; intestinal obstruction. If there is a suspicion of the presence of the above diseases, then the young mother should urgently consult a specialist. Such problems are the therapist, gastroenterologist.

Flatulence and Caesarean section

Note that this cavitary operation negatively affects the functioning of the intestine. And the main reason for this is the introduction during the procedure of special medicines that block the work of the digestive system. In the process of recovery, there is often a gas formation, disruptions in the work of the digestive tract. That is why early motor activity is recommended to prevent similar problems in the postoperative period. A woman should get up and walk slowly, so that the normal work of the internal organs is restored. Only in this case, the restoration will take place as soon as possible, and the problem will not disturb the woman for a long time.

The fight against flatulence after childbirth

A visit to the doctor can not be delayed, if after the birth of a crumb has passed several months, and the restrictions in the menu of the young mother do not bring the desired result. Most likely, the reason is the presence of dysbiosis. Today the disease is successfully treated. There are many drugs that will not harm even with breastfeeding. Most often, doctors prescribe probiotics - and the problem of flatulence remains in the past.

As for traditional medicine, special teas help women to cope with the problem. For example, with fennel. He not only fights against flatulence, but also improves lactation. You can cook and infusion of chamomile, fennel seeds. Helps to cope with increased gas formation mint broth.

Failures in the work of the digestive system can occur because the woman does not sleep enough, and sits a lot. Therefore, without proper rest, adjustment of the regime, walking and sports, one can not do without. In everything there should be a measure, gradualness, a reasonable approach. All of the above in the complex will solve problems with flatulence, will return good health.

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