Increased tone of the uterus during pregnancy

Increased tone of the uterus during pregnancy - the main symptoms and treatment method

Most often this state indicates that in the body of the future mother there are not entirely favorable processes. Hypertonus is a consequence, therefore, one should not treat the tone itself, but the causes that caused it. If you have any anxiety symptoms, a woman should consult a doctor, because only he can determine the causes that caused this condition.

Symptoms of the uterine tone

So what should we understand by this incomprehensible diagnosis? Most often, hypertension of the uterus occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. Reductions in the uterus that appeared before the expected term of labor, and called increased uterine tone during pregnancy. These contractions are manifested as a pulling, aching pain in the lower abdomen (similar spasms women experience during menstruation), sometimes pain can also be felt in the lower back. But it is possible that a woman does not feel all these signs, but ultrasound shows the hypertension of the uterus. The causes of the tone of the uterus, a lot and all of them are different - ranging from simple excitement and ending with the underdevelopment of the sexual organs of women.

The uterus is a muscular female organ that is capable of responding both to physical stretching (after all, it grows with the fruit), and to any nerve impulses, be it joy, excitement or fear. Any of the reasons can cause pain, which in no case can not be ignored. Once you have felt the pain in the lower abdomen, immediately consult a doctor who, after finding out their reasons, will appoint an appropriate course of treatment.

If, in addition, you have bloody discharge from the vagina - call an ambulance, because this is an alarming signal of the body with hypertension of the uterus. In such cases, women need to lie down for preservation, constantly be under the supervision of a doctor and in a state of complete rest.

  • In medical science, it is common to distinguish two groups of causes that can cause an increased uterine tone during pregnancy, namely:

    • somatic causes - arise as a result of the appearance of physiological and biological problems in the female organism;
    • causes that are psychosomatic, that is, conditioned by psychological factors. They affect the nervous system and simultaneously affect the individual organs of our body that respond to stimuli - and there are various complications during pregnancy. Under the influence of such causes, increased uterine tone may occur in the third trimester of pregnancy.

    Increased uterine tone in pregnancy: possible consequences

    Spontaneous abortion may be the most negative consequence, but this will never happen if a woman in time turns to a doctor for help.

    Hypertension of the uterus can have negative consequences for the future baby, since in this condition the blood supply to the pelvic organs of the pregnant woman is violated, and this can provoke oxygen starvation of the fetus, which will negatively affect his health.

    Causes of increased uterine tone may also be:

    • gynecological infection;
    • myoma of the uterus;
    • chromosomal pathology;
    • hormonal disorders;
    • fetoplacental insufficiency.

    Increased uterine tone in pregnancy: treatment methods and possible complications

    You should consult a doctor immediately after the appearance of the above symptoms.

    Appropriate treatment can be prescribed only after determining the causes that caused this pathology. The combination of psychological and medical care is addressed in more complex situations.


    Some doctors resort to sedative and antispasmodics (for example, Magnesium B6, which "calms" the uterus, while removing muscle spasms in it, valerian, candles "Papaverin", "No-shpa"). With increased tonus of the uterus, the expectant mother must adhere not only to physical, but also to sexual rest.

    Prevention of increased uterine tone

    However, it is best to avoid increasing the uterine tone. Specialists identify the following means and methods for reducing the risk of miscarriage:

    • a full vitamin balanced diet for a future mother;
    • reduction of motor activity, and sometimes adherence to complete bed rest;
    • a non-medicamentous effect;
    • medicines, which reduce the state of psychoemotional stress and relax the muscles of the uterus.

    In addition, at home, you can also prevent hypertension problems. Preventative measures include:

    • the use of a sufficient amount of fluid;
    • maintaining a calm, serene mood (auto-training, meditation);
    • gymnastics;
    • Walking in the fresh air;
    • Elimination of the causes that provoked hypertonia (weight lifting, stress, severe physical activity, etc.).

    Do not be frightened by the slight strain of the uterine muscles: this condition is even physiologic for the period of pregnancy. But still take care of yourself will not be superfluous - please contact your doctor for any suspicions of increased uterine tone.

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