Indications for cesarean section

Absolute and relative indications for cesarean section

With absolute testimony, the question of Caesarean section is not even worth it. The operation should be done immediately, since it is about the life of the baby and mother.

With relative indications - the final decision is made by the doctor.

Indications for cesarean section:

  • placenta previa. This is indicated by small scarlet discharge from the genital tract in the last months of pregnancy. With placenta previa, it partially or even completely blocks the passage of the baby through the cervix. If the presentation is complete, then this is an absolute indication to the caesarean section. But this diagnosis can be made only at the end of the period of bearing the child.
  • Premature abruption of the placenta. Before giving birth, some women experience severe pain in the abdomen. In general, it is acute, and sometimes even accompanied by bleeding. All these are symptoms of premature placental abruption. Caesarian section is necessary, otherwise the baby can die.
  • The inconsistency of the scar. If a woman already had such an operation, and on the uterus was an inconsistent scar, it seriously increases the threat of rupture of the uterus. Doctors determine the inconsistency of the rumen behind its thickness (less than 3 mm) and uneven contours.
  • The narrow pelvis. If the doctor sees that the child's head is too large and can not pass through the mother's pelvis without problems, the woman is prescribed a cesarean section. Although many doctors risk and allow women with these indications to give birth alone. If this happens, the delivery process will be more prolonged than usual.
  • prolapse of the umbilical cord. This happens when the cord of the umbilical cord falls through the cervix of the uterus during the outflow of amniotic fluid into the vagina and appears from the outside. This symptom is very dangerous! The fact is that in this position the umbilical cord is squeezed, which means that the blood stops coming to the baby. Cesarean section can not be avoided!
  • high degree of myopia. In some women, due to strong stress during intercourse, intraocular pressure increases. As a result, small vessels in the eyes may burst. If doctors see myopia a great deal, then this is a serious indicator for caesarean section.
  • transverse position of the fetus. If the baby is in this position and does not turn in the process of giving birth, then surgery is needed.
  • protracted birth. Cesarean section is carried out if the labor activity ceases quickly and no medications are making progress.

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