Infertility 2 degrees

Infertility 2 degrees - what is it?

Causes of the problem

So, it becomes clear that under second infertility or, as it is called, infertility of the second degree implies the impossibility of the couple to conceive a child again, after a successful first pregnancy. Logically arguing, we can assume that the cause of the problem is acquired. What can become an obstacle to successful conception? Let's start with the men. They have such causes:

  1. Infections of the genitourinary system.
  2. Varicocele.
  3. Chronic diseases of internal organs.
  4. Head trauma.
  5. Diabetes mellitus.
  6. Reception of anabolic drugs.
  7. Addiction, alcoholism.

Infertility of the second degree is more common in women. They are caused by such factors:

  1. Age. The favorable period for the birth of a baby is the age period from 18 to 35 years. Gynecologists recommend planning the birth of the first to 28 years. As for the second, that is, women who decide to give birth to it after 18 years and at 45. But still the thirty-year threshold is the beginning of the wear and tear of the woman's reproductive system. It rapidly dies after 35.
  2. Disorders in the endocrine system. More often than not, these are hormonal failures that can be known about themselves by disturbances in the cycle of menstruation and the irregular process of ovulation. Often glitches give thyroid, puerto, adrenal gland.
  3. Inflammation of the genitourinary system. This is a wide range of ailments, including endometriosis, chronic adnexitis, infectious inflammation as a result of abortion. Often in women there are adhesions of the fallopian tubes. They interfere with patency and conception.
  4. Immunological causes. Sometimes a woman's body begins to synthesize antispermic substances. Such antibodies male sperm are perceived as a foreign agent and suppress it. Therefore, conception does not occur.
  5. Lifestyle. The basis of reproductive health, as well as the appearance of a woman, is her way of life. If she is an avid smoker, often drinks, eats fast food, is obese, then what kind of reproductive health can we talk about?

Treatment of infertility of the second degree

So, if the cause of infertility of the second degree is a lifestyle, then this is correctable, however, it will take a lot of time. And the treatment of diseases that led to secondary infertility, too, will take a lot of time. This can take more than a year. And the process of treatment begins with the establishment of the exact causes of the problem.

Specialist for this purpose after collecting anamnesis appoints such diagnostic studies: the study of hormonal background, motility of spermatozoa, patency of the fallopian tubes, cytological studies. Depending on the established reasons, a woman or a man (sometimes both, if it comes to infectious diseases) prescribe antiviral drugs, immunomodulators, antibacterial agents. Obligatory is the treatment of chronic diseases, inflammatory processes of partners.

In our time, the results of infertility treatment of the second degree are in most cases high. But in every rule there are exceptions. Therefore, sometimes a woman, despite all the efforts made, can not get pregnant naturally. But even in this case, the achievement of medicine comes to the rescue. And the couple can use the method of in vitro fertilization. This is the placement in the womb of an ovum woman, previously fertilized in the laboratory. Another option is surrogate motherhood, that is, the bearing of a fertilized egg by another woman.

When setting the diagnosis of "infertility of the second degree" you should clearly follow all medical appointments and change your lifestyle if you want to have a child. Only this way, having gained patience and endurance, you can get a chance at a successful conception.

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