Infertility in men after mumps

Why does masturbation occur in men after mumps?

Causes and Symptoms of Parotitis

First, let's find out what the pig is, and how the virus acts on the male body. Parotitis, as a rule, is diagnosed in children aged 3-5. Infection with the virus occurs with direct contact with the virus carrier, as well as through toys and personal belongings. The danger of this disease is that it can be infected from a person who himself does not suspect the presence of the virus in his body. As for the probability of infertility after the illness, it is quite high. About 50% of men who had a severe form of mumps in their childhood had problems with conception of a child. Therefore it is very important at the very beginning of manifestation of mumps in children to monitor the condition of their sexual organs. If orchitis occurs, seek medical advice immediately.

Effect of mumps on infertility in men

The virus of mumps for a long time attacks the human reproductive system. In most cases, boys with a mumps suffer testicles, there is an inflammatory process in them, called orchitis. Based on this, we can conclude that mumps and infertility in men have a close relationship.

When a pig infects a boy's testicles, one can note changes in the color of this part of the body: they become red and increase in size. In addition, the child has a high body temperature, there is a swelling in the neck, the baby becomes painful to chew and swallow food.

Treatment of mumps in boys

Unfortunately, a specific antiviral drug to combat mumps has not yet been created. Therefore, the treatment of this disease is reduced to the elimination of symptoms. To do this, use antipyretic drugs, immunomodulators. Be sure to adhere to bed rest. At the appearance of the first signs of the defeat of the testicles, hospitalization is recommended. To refuse treatment in a hospital it is not necessary, as at this stage it is necessary to undertake all possible measures on prevention of unpleasant consequences.

Infertility therapy in men after mumps

It is necessary to begin treatment during adolescence, when the young man puberty. During this period, possible pathologies in the functioning of the testicles are easily diagnosed. As a treatment for infertility, which arose against the background of the transferred pig, surgical removal of the affected parts of the testicle, as well as restorative therapy with the use of hormonal drugs, is used.

It should be noted, that with the timely elimination of mumps in childhood, infertility therapy after mumps is not required. Therefore, carefully monitor the health of your children and at the slightest suspicion of a testicular disease, seek help from specialists.

At the conclusion of this article, I would like to reassure those men who faced the problem of infertility due to a previously transferred mumps. In your case, not everything is lost! Modern medicine does not stand still, and today to defeat infertility is quite real. Naturally, treatment of this complication in men should be carried out in a specialized clinic under the supervision of an experienced doctor. And if the traditional methods for eliminating the causes of infertility do not bring results, then you can become a parent by using the method of intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection. Innovative methods of treating problems with the reproductive system will not allow any infection to prevent you from becoming a dad, there would be a desire!

Well, in order to prevent the possibility of pigs' genital mutilation, the doctors strongly recommend that all parents take seriously the preventive vaccinations of children. Remember that any disease is much easier to warn than to fear the consequences that later may ruin your child's life.

Take care of children and do not be ill!

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