Instenon during pregnancy

Instenon in pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

If doctors diagnosed similar pathologies at the initial stage, then do not worry and do not panic: these disorders do not have a negative effect on the fetus. The doctor will prescribe vitamins, micro and macro elements, minerals and other useful substances. But if placental insufficiency dramatically progresses, then without proper treatment can lead to hypoxia of the child. In this case, often doctors prescribe the combined drug "Instenon".

The action of "Instenon" is aimed at restoring placental blood flow, improving metabolic processes, preventing fetal hypoxia.

What is Instenon?

To begin with, the placenta is a unique organ that forms in a woman during pregnancy and establishes a connection between the fetus and the mother. It is through the placenta from mother to baby that nutrients and nutrients, vitamins, respiratory, excretory, protective and hormonal functions. Violation of this connection causes placental insufficiency, which can lead to hypoxia (oxygen starvation) and even fetal death.

If there is such a threat, the doctors prescribe "Instenon" - a combined remedy that can significantly improve the placental and cerebral circulation, as well as significantly accelerate the metabolism. The composition of this drug includes such drugs as hexobenzidine, etamivan, etofillin. Gekesbordin promotes blood supply to the brain and heart, stimulates a reduced metabolism in the affected cell. Etamivan normalizes breathing, circulation and functional state of neural complexes of the cerebral cortex. Efillin improves heart function and expands the airways.

Therefore, when the "Instenon" is used, spasms decrease, the vessels are dilated, metabolic processes are improved, the vasomotor center is stimulated, and a mild diuretic effect is manifested. The drug also improves the function of the brain with disturbed blood flow, hypoxia, ischemia.

"Instenon" comes in the form of a dragee, solution for injections and in tablets. When taking the drug, a pregnant woman should strictly follow the dosage prescribed by the doctor in charge. As a rule, mummies should take 1-2 tablets of "Instenon" two or three times a day during or after meals, washing down with a small amount of water. Treatment lasts several weeks under the strict supervision of a physician. During this period it is not recommended to drink tea and coffee in large quantities, as they contain caffeine, which weakens the action of "Instenon". If you experience side effects while taking the drug, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Instenon: contraindications and side effects

First of all, do not self-medicate at all and do not increase or decrease the dose of the drug that the doctor appointed to you. There are a number of diseases in which "Instenon" is strictly forbidden to take. This drug has some contraindications, ignoring which you only harm yourself and your baby. The question of the need to use the drug during pregnancy is resolved positively only on the basis of ultrasound and the results of a cardiogram of heartbeat heartbeat.

The instenton can not be used in the following cases:

  • if you have diagnosed a convulsive syndrome or a state of increased excitability;
  • with increased intracranial pressure. At the same time, you have a terrible headache, vomiting, visual impairment;
  • with epilepsy;
  • with hemorrhages in the brain;
  • with carotid artery benosis due to atherosclerosis.

"Instenon" is also contraindicated for those women who are breastfeeding a newborn baby. After all, the mother's milk very quickly delivers all the elements that she uses to the baby's body. Thus, the baby's organism can react ambiguously to the use of the medicine.

Remember that "Instenon" is accepted only on the individual prescription of the doctor. In case of an overdose of the drug, headaches, tachycardia and hyperemia of the face can be observed. In these cases, it is recommended to immediately stop taking the medication or to lower the dosage.

Therapy of placental insufficiency "Instenonom" should not frighten future mothers. The main thing is that you strictly follow all the recommendations of your doctor and do not neglect his instructions. After all, the health of your long-awaited baby depends on you, which you must take care of not only after birth, but also during its development within you. Be careful, do not get sick and just adjust for positive!

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