Internal seams after birth

How much internal seams are resolved after delivery?

How they appeared

Let's first start by remembering what internal seams are and where they come from. The cause of internal seams is a rupture of the cervix or the walls of the vagina. Most often, the tissues of the cervix "burst" in natural childbirth, when the cervix opens slowly, and the woman begins to prematurely tug, that is, pushing the fruit. Practically every woman has premature attempts, but they need to be "held" in every possible way until the cervix is ??fully opened. The head of the fetus, when exerted, exerts the strongest pressure on the cervix, and if it has not yet fully opened, it is simply torn. For the same reason, the walls of the vagina can also burst.

Internal gaps are not always noticeable. However, after birth, each doctor carefully examines the woman in childbirth and provides her with the necessary assistance in case of tears, that is, she puts sutures. This procedure is absolutely painless, because the cervix does not have pain receptors, so the woman is not anesthetized. Seams are performed in several ways, depending on the severity of the rupture by special self-resorbable threads. Basically for this use catgood suture material, which is made from the intestines of large cattle or sheep - or vikril.

What to do with them

Absolutely nothing. Internal seams are just that and "pleasant", that they do not require special care, and do not need any ointments, douches, and even more so tablets. Since the gaps are sewn with self-converging threads, they need not be removed accordingly. Over time, they "self-destruct." When will this happen and how can this be known? Everything depends on the suture material and the severity of the rupture. Usually, the threads dissolve completely and completely after 90 days. But there are also those who "fall off" much earlier, but not before the complete fusion of damaged tissues. Sometimes the "remnants" of the thread are visible on the laundry, but this is not the main indicator. Doctors say that you should not worry, if you do not find the parts of the thread, but at the same time absolutely do not feel any other discomfort.

Personal hygiene is the main condition for fast and safe healing of internal seams. This includes both the purity of the external genital organs and the entire body. Do not forget about the diet. After all, constipation is extremely undesirable: unnecessary "attempts" adversely affect the state of wounds, which should "grow together". A woman must also comply with the following requirements:

  • Do not lift weights;
  • Do not make sudden movements, especially in the first days after giving birth;
  • Abstain from sexual intercourse for 1-2 months.

When to see a doctor

Very many women complain of discomfort in the abdominal part after the application of internal seams. Very often there are painful sensations, a feeling of twitching and pulsation. In the first 2-3 days after delivery, these phenomena are very normal, but if they continue, you need to see a doctor immediately. Also, you should immediately see a specialist if you have:

  • Pain in the area of ??superimposed sutures does not stop;
  • There is a feeling of heaviness in the area of ??the uterus or vagina;
  • Body temperature rises;
  • Purulent discharge with an unpleasant odor appears.

All of these symptoms can indicate either a rupture of the suture, or inflammatory processes in the area of ??internal sutures. In any case, the diagnosis, and the more so the treatment should appoint a doctor. You can be assigned either by applying ice, or by treatment with ointments or antibiotics, or by a repeated surgical procedure.

However, even if you have absolutely nothing to worry about in the postpartum period - a visit to the gynecologist should not be postponed. The doctor should "assess" the condition of the scars. If there is an incorrect fusion of the tissues, or tears, the cervix is ??most often deformed, resulting in chronic inflammation of the cervix and other sores.

Full recovery after childbirth occurs after 3-6 months.

Patience and health to you!

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