Iodomarin in the planning of pregnancy

Iodomarin in the planning of pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

Iodine-containing drugs are very commonly prescribed already right from the time of pregnancy. After all, iodine is an extremely important substance in the body: it takes part in the formation and distribution of energy, depends on it the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, it is also necessary for the function of glands. First of all, of course, thyroid. During pregnancy, when the need for useful substances (including the need for iodine) in women increases several times, the risk of encountering thyroid gland diseases increases significantly. What is sad: very often iodine deficiency (for example, endemic goiter) that developed during the period of gestation of the baby is practically not subject to full correction and full recovery of the woman after childbirth.

But not only the future mother suffers from a lack of iodine - it is highly undesirable for the fetus. So, problems with the thyroid gland in a baby - up to neoplasms - become one of the consequences of a lack of iodine in the mother's body. Besides, I need iodine for the normal formation of the baby's nervous system, for his brain. So, iodine deficiency can have very serious and serious consequences - a baby in this case can be born with mental retardation, it can be marked by malformations of mental development.

In order to prevent such terrible consequences, iodine deficiency is prevented before the moment of conception, because so often Jodomarin is prescribed in the planning of pregnancy. Ideally, experts recommend starting to take iodine preparations several months before the planned conception. And this is especially true for expectant mothers who live in regions where there is an increased risk of developing diseases associated with iodine deficiency. Iodomarin is also needed when planning pregnancy for women with thyroid dysfunction, who have diseases associated with iodine deficiency.

Dosing is mandatory appointed endocrinologist - usually a daily dose of 100 mcg daily. However, with the onset of pregnancy, the dosage, as a rule, is doubled: against the background of the formation and development of the baby, the need for iodine increases. Being aware of the need for iodine in the body in sufficient quantities, the expectant mother still should not take Iodomarin when planning pregnancy on her own. Preliminary consultation with a doctor about the need for additional intake of iodine-containing drugs is mandatory, because with increased thyroid function, and even with iodine intolerance, Iodomarin is contraindicated.

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