Irregular cycle and pregnancy

How to get pregnant with an irregular cycle?

As for the chances of pregnancy with an irregular cycle, then in comparison with a healthy and regular cycle, here the chances are small and only 15-20% in the first cycle of pregnancy planning. Besides, these figures are taken into account in case of a favorable time of conception, that is, 2 days before the expected ovulation and on the day of ovulation. Further, statistics state that about 50% of women are able to become happy moms during the 3 months of planning, 75% of women receive the long-awaited two strips on the test during the first half of the year, and 90% of women become pregnant within 12 months of the beginning of the planning. Thus, the average probability of getting pregnant is 4 months. Not so bad, right? The only problem with the irregular cycle is that when planning a pregnancy, it is very difficult for a woman to calculate the optimum conception time, that is, the period of ovulation, because the cycle is constantly changing.

However, in the problem of the irregular menstrual cycle, in addition to the main factors that make it difficult to get pregnant without problems, very important role played by the age of the future mother, which can not be ignored.

Thus, for girls aged 19 to 24, the chances of becoming a happy mother, represent about 30%.

Then, at the age of 25 to 33, the chances are significantly reduced and amount to 18%.

As for women who are in the age group from 33 to 44 years, the probability of conception is only 13%.

In addition, it is important to know that since 35 years of age, women are more likely to encounter anovulatory cycles. This means that the ovaries of a woman are depleted, and the quality of the eggs is reduced, therefore, the probability of infertility is significantly increased.

It is also especially important during the planning period of the child to live a regular sex life. The thing is, that the chances of conceiving, depending on the number of sexual contacts are very different, and it is believed that a moderate regular sex life is the main ally on the path to the cherished pregnancy. To get a closer look at this issue, we present below a table of the relationship between the number of sexual contacts and the possible chances of pregnancy.

It should also be taken into account that exceeding the figure of 20, the chances do not increase, because according to experts, too frequent sex work reduces the activity of spermatozoa.

Thus, we decided on the chances of pregnancy with the problem of irregular menstrual cycle and determined for themselves the frequency of making love in pursuit of long-awaited pregnancy. However, our advice to you, do not take this statistics to heart, and in no case be upset, if you do not manage to become parents yet. Let us believe that children are a miracle given to us by heaven. And there, above, have their statistics and their laws, which, contrary to all earthly limitations in their ages and miserable diagnoses, give faith, hope and the magic of the birth of a new little man. And miracles, strange as it may seem, often happen, and many desperate couples give birth to wonderful kids in spite of all the predictions. Believe in yourself and you must succeed!

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