Is it possible to buy a crib before delivery

Is it possible to buy a crib before delivery?

The baby should be comfortable and safe

Baby cot is one of the most necessary things after the birth of the baby. After all, in a dream the baby spends most of the day, and he should be comfortable, comfortable and, most importantly, safe. Therefore, to choose such furniture must be carefully.

Some mothers prefer to do this during pregnancy, that after the birth of the crumbs they will not have the strength or the opportunity to go shopping and do such things. And this argument does play an important role. Think about it: before giving birth, provided that the woman feels well, she has a lot of free time. Thus, she can calmly give this issue even a whole day or a week - choose a cot, slowly, analyze all the minuses and pluses. After all, today the furniture market presents many options for such furniture.

And after giving birth, no one can guarantee how the young mother will feel, how much her physical and moral state will allow her to "run" around the shops and choose the right product. Moreover, often in the postpartum period, a woman is exhausted, irritable, and it is not too pleasant for her to do such purchases, because thoughts are all the time busy with other issues that are directly related to the baby who was born. If you transfer responsibility for this purchase only to a husband or relatives, then most likely the young mother will not be happy with the result. Because it so happened that the decision to buy children's furniture in most cases takes a woman, because she should be happy with the choice.

Why not buy?

Many women and their relatives are absolutely categorical that it is absolutely impossible to buy a baby crib or other things. It is said that such unspoken rules existed dozens of years ago, and our grandmothers strictly adhered to them, since no one can foresee how the childbirth will pass, whether all will be well with a crumb. After all, no matter how terrible it may sound, In rare cases, the fetus freezes during the last period of pregnancy, or during birth the baby is born dead or sick and a few days later dies in the hospital, even if during pregnancy there were no special health problems. In such cases, a pre-made baby bed will not be needed. And after returning home from the hospital, this furniture will only plunge into a more shocking condition of parents, who are already already heartbroken.

Alternative solution

The best option is to get the right baby bed in the store before delivery, but not to buy. You can negotiate with the seller and make a necessary deposit several weeks before the birth of the baby. In this case, you will be confident that, until your baby is born, no one will buy a baby crib that you have chosen.

When you give birth to a baby and will be in the hospital, your husband or another relative will be able to find a few hours to go to the store, pay the necessary sum of money and pick up the crib. It will take a few more hours to install this furniture in the room. In any case, for a few days, while you are with a crumb at the hospital, this issue can be solved without problems.

Remember that to believe or not to different superstitions and so-called "grandmother's advice" is your choice. The decision, when and what furniture to buy, is for you only. Or maybe you and your husband are adherents of the theory that a child under the age of three must sleep with his parents, because on this depends his psychological comfort? In this case, you buy a baby cot and should not be at all, so as not to throw money away.

In any case, we wish you successful purchases and happy motherhood!

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