Is it possible to do colposcopy during pregnancy

Can I do colposcopy in pregnancy?

What is colposcopy?

This is a diagnostic method, in which a special optical device (colposcope) and solutions of coloring substances are used. All this is necessary for examination of the cervix and vagina. Also, during colposcopy, it is possible to take the organic material for histological and cytological examination. Colposcopy allows us to identify in time various pathologies of the genital organs, including neoplasms.

Doctors distinguish two types of colposcopy: simple and extended. The first method is carried out only with the help of the device, without the use of special solutions. And with advanced colposcopy, the doctor uses acetic acid or iodine solutions to help identify some gynecological diseases.

It is worth noting that this procedure is painless. But is it safe in pregnancy? We asked our experts to answer this question.

Pregnancy and coloscopy: expert opinion

The average duration of this study is 10 to 20 minutes. A survey is performed on a gynecological chair, as well as on a routine examination. In a gynecologist doing colposcopic examinations, next to the chair is an apparatus with which the doctor assesses the condition of the vulva, cervix, vagina of the patient. If an enlarged colposcopy is performed, the gynecologist applies a special solution to the mucous membrane, which makes it possible to visually distinguish the affected parts of the epithelium from the healthy ones.

Vinegar is often used as a solution, then the patient can feel a brief burning sensation, and if the doctor uses Lugol or iodine for research, unpleasant sensations should not arise.

Based on the description of the procedure, we can conclude that colposcopy of the cervix during pregnancy is a completely safe study. However, under the supervision of the colposcope, another diagnostic can be carried out-a biopsy. In case of detection of pathological areas of the epithelium, the gynecologist takes a small piece of tissue for analysis. This procedure can be painful. If the doctor makes a biopsy of the cervix, it usually does not hurt, but a biopsy of the lower part of the vagina or vulva is accompanied by a palpable pain syndrome, so to eliminate discomfort, doctors use a local anesthetic.

Is it possible to do colposcopy during pregnancy?

Such a procedure during the period of gestation is done, but only for medical reasons, if a woman has gynecological pathologies. The fact is that often due to changes in the hormonal background during pregnancy, there is a progression of such a disease as erosion of the cervix. Therefore, women who have a history of symptoms of pathology, appoint colposcopy during pregnancy.

In some cases, depending on the severity of the disease, a gynecologist can recommend a future mother for erosion treatment during child bearing. Usually, pregnant women are prescribed oral medications or a course of treatment with vaginal suppositories. In most cases, after the therapy, erosion resolves.

It is important to note that there are no contraindications to colposcopy during pregnancy, since this procedure does not affect the course of an interesting situation and the health of the child is not traumatic.

Within 24 hours after an advanced colposcopy, a woman may get smearing discharge. And if during the research the doctor used a solution of iodine or Lugol, the discharge will be colored. This is normal after diagnosis, so worry and panic is not worth it.

Of course, the best solution for a future mother will be the passage of this type of examination at the planning stage of pregnancy. And if the doctor found erosion of the cervix, then you need to cure this disease in advance. But if in time it was not possible to do it, then the woman bearing the baby should not give up colposcopy. No harm to the fetus this procedure does not bear!

Be healthy!

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