Is it possible to do shugaring during pregnancy?

Is it possible to do shugaring during pregnancy?

Briefly about the procedure

Shugaring is the removal of unwanted hair on the body with sugar paste. It is very popular in the female environment, because it has several advantages: / p>

  1. Environmentally friendly. Unlike cosmetics for depilation, sugar caramel consists entirely of natural ingredients.
  2. Hypoallergenicity. The main active ingredient of the mixture used for the procedure is not an allergen. After applying the sugar paste, allergic reactions on the skin are not observed.
  3. Security. Shugaring is not very traumatic, there is no danger of cuts and burns.
  4. Low degree of soreness. Although some discomfort during the manipulation is present, especially the first time, but compared to other types of hair removal (wax, for example), it is much smaller.
  5. Prevention of ingrown hair. Their removal with sugar paste reduces the risk of ingrowth to a minimum.

Shugaring and Pregnancy

The bearing of a child is the most crucial period in a woman's life. At this time in the female body there are significant changes. However, the desire to remain beautiful in any position and at any age is inherent in all the representatives of the weaker sex. When bearing a baby it is very important to use safe and sparing methods to support external attractiveness, remember that many innovations can harm a growing baby in the tummy. This also applies to the procedure for getting rid of unwanted hair. Intimate areas require special care, so the debate about depilation between gynecologists and beauticians do not stop. The first are convinced that any risk and even minimal traumatism in pregnancy is highly undesirable. And representatives of the industry of beauty approve, that the procedure of danger does not carry, that in this position it is necessary to be attractive always and everywhere, from head to toe.

The period of gestation is often indicated among contraindications for such procedures. What is the basis for such a ban? Almost all methods of removing superfluous hair on the body have certain disadvantages. If depilation means are used for this, then it is the presence of chemical components in them. If it is a question of removing hair from the root, then this is pain. Even an ordinary shave with a high-quality machine tool is associated with the risk of infection, skin irritation. And during pregnancy all this is undesirable.

Shugaring during pregnancy is one of the safest ways to fight superfluous hair. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this method of epilation is pain syndrome. The minimal negative impact of epilation procedures can result in an increase in the tone of the uterus. This is especially dangerous in the first trimester of bearing crumbs. Therefore, the future mothers still should refuse in this period from the shugaring. Any type of hair removal during pregnancy is contraindicated in the event that it occurs in a woman with complications. The presence of chronic diseases, toxicosis, a tendency to skin irritation, poor health - an excuse to give up any risky cosmetic manipulation, including from the shugaring. It is not necessary to do it for the first time in life just during pregnancy. Such a critical period is not the time for any experiments with the skin. Especially since it is necessary to get used to depilation with sugar paste, because the first time it causes discomfort and slight painful sensations. And is this what the future mother needs?

If she is still sure that she really needs to get rid of excess hair, then it's worth to find an experienced master in the beauty salon, trust him with his body, having previously reported the pregnancy. Such specialists observe all the precautions in servicing the clients in an "interesting" position. And shugaring let him wait until the baby's birth.

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