Is it possible to eat ice cream during pregnancy

Is it possible to eat ice cream during pregnancy?

In nine long months of expecting a baby, the woman's nutritious diet is subject to considerable adjustment. If before pregnancy she did not think about "what can" and "what can not" eat, then with the onset of pregnancy, she cautiously refers to many products. After all, the future mother is responsible not only for her health, but also for the well-being of the baby in her heart.

Many women ask their doctor a lot of questions about the nutritional diet, and in particular ice cream, which is a favorite delicacy not only for children, but also for adults.

Some talk about the usefulness of cold delicious, others argue that sweetness is harmful to pregnant women. Why there is so much debate around the ice cream and whether it can be eaten by women in the situation, let's look at it together.

Cold sweetness

Creamy, chocolate, berry, fruit, with caramel and nuts & hellip; To date, you can find a dessert for every taste. Ice cream is loved by absolutely everything. Frozen sweetness is especially popular in the summer, when on a hot day you want something cold and tasty. But in winter time the product enjoys a stable demand.

So, how and from what ice cream is made?

According to the GOST standards, only natural products should be included in the sweet product: milk (fresh, dry, condensed), butter, water, sugar and various additives. Before getting to the store shelves, ice cream goes through several stages of cooking: pasteurization, cooling, oxygen saturation, whipping, freezing. Only after that we have the opportunity to fully satisfy our desire.

Useful ice cream

In principle, this is a useful product. It consists of fats, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. In addition, the benefit of a treat is as follows:

  1. Positive emotions. Man, eating a portion of ice cream, feels a sense of joy and satisfaction, because his brain begins to actively develop a hormone of happiness - serotonin. In addition, the sweet product is an excellent antidepressant, so women in the position, indulging themselves with a frozen sweetness, feel much more peaceful, happier and calmer, and such emotions positively influence the course of pregnancy and the state of the baby.
  2. Useful composition. Ice cream is made from milk and butter, which means that it contains calcium, which is extremely necessary for mothers and babies.
  3. Caloric value. Probably, this point will surprise many, because all pregnant women are worried about the extra pounds. However, high-calorie filling is recommended for those women who gain weight poorly during pregnancy. Summing up, we can safely say that future mothers can indulge themselves with ice cream, but only prepared from natural products and in moderation.

    "Tasty" danger

    Despite all the above pluses, still ice cream has some drawbacks, which sometimes even are dangerous for the health of the pregnant woman and her baby:

    1. First of all, it concerns the composition. Unfortunately, many manufacturers violate accepted standards and produce ice cream from not very high-quality products. Often, instead of regular milk, they add dry, and instead of cream - chemical additives. Agree, little useful in these components. That's why there is a lot of discussion about the usefulness of this product, especially during pregnancy.
    2. Continuing the theme of the composition of ice cream, we can not fail to mention the substances for enhancing the taste: thickeners, stabilizers, chemical dyes, etc. Therefore, when choosing ice cream, you first need to carefully study the composition indicated on the label.
    3. Various supplements (for example, chocolate, nuts, honey) can trigger an allergic reaction.
    4. The high caloric content of sweets can cause inconvenience in the form of extra pounds. If you do not know the measures, then you are guaranteed weight gain.
    5. Do not forget about that, that cold delicacy can become the reason of catarrhal diseases: a sore throat or a pharyngitis. As you know, treatment with medications during the period of bearing a child is not very welcome.
    6. In pregnancy, the female body is too sensitive to many diseases, so there is a risk of infection with Listeria and Salmonella, since ice cream has a short shelf life. Therefore, when buying a product, pay attention to the data indicated on the label.

    Who should refuse ice cream

    During pregnancy, women may suddenly have a desire to eat ice cream, even if before they were indifferent to it. In this case, you need to remember that you can not use sweets. Contraindicated ice cream with:

    • - Diabetes mellitus;
    • - the propensity to fullness;
    • - hypertension;
    • - early and late toxicosis;
    • - kidney disease.

    How to eat ice cream

    Delicious ice cream can be dangerous, so you need to be able to choose the right thing and there is sweetness.

    First, try to choose a product made from natural products. Carefully study the composition of sweets and pay special attention to the shelf life. Give up products that contain various chemicals, especially so called "E-shki". Also, do not eat ice cream in the form of a cake, as plastic packaging does not protect the contents of the container.

    Secondly, eat small portions and do not forget about moderation. This will prevent health problems and excess kilos.

    Third, combine ice cream with fresh fruits and berries. Thus, you will replenish your vitamin supply and satisfy your desire. You can also pour ice cream with a cranberry syrup before eating, which is an excellent natural antibiotic.

    Fourth, make yourself a gift and buy a freezer. Thus, you will be assured of the usefulness of ice cream, as you can independently choose the products for its preparation. And besides, home sweetness is much tastier, and many will agree with this opinion.

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