Is it possible to eat parsley during pregnancy

Can I eat parsley during pregnancy?

Composition and use of parsley

Today there are 30 varieties of spicy greens. Its useful properties are due to a saturated composition. So, one ascorbic acid in a herbage contains three times more than in a lemon, four times more than in other types of citrus. Retinol in it as much as in carrots. Caloric content of greenery is only 54 kilocalories per 100 grams. This allows you to use it without any restrictions to women who follow their figure.

Spicy vegetable improves immunity, thanks to the high content of vitamin C protects the body from infections that are undesirable in pregnancy, as well as from anemia.

Vitamin E, which is saturated with a herbaceous plant, positively affects women's health, protects the baby in the womb from developmental defects, disorders of the nervous system.

Infusions of spicy vegetable have anti-inflammatory properties. This helps future mothers get rid of edema on the legs in the third trimester of bearing the fetus and do not resort to medications.

Potassium and calcium as constituents of greenery help to function the cardiovascular system, make up for the deficit of these substances, which is created by the fetus.

Parsley contains substances such as apiol and myristicin. There are a lot of them in the oil of the plant and its seeds, less in green leaves.

Infusions of greenery, many future mothers are used as a safe means of lightening the face for pigmentation. It is known that this problem worries many pregnant women. There is no better and cheaper way to whiten the skin than regular use of a spicy vegetable. Many women were convinced of this.

How a spicy vegetable affects pregnancy

Oils contained in a plant can adversely affect pregnancy. If they are consumed in large quantities, then this can stimulate uterine contractions. This plant was once used as an abortifacient. It provoked miscarriages, could cause premature birth.

For the termination of pregnancy, the woman took infusions of parsley or her juice, inserted tampons from the greens into the vagina, which caused a contraction of the muscle and provoked miscarriage at an early age. But today such methods are considered a practice of the Stone Age, they are dangerous, because they can cause severe bleeding. You can not use them even with ectopic pregnancy. Interruption of unwanted pregnancy should be performed by medical specialists.

Parsley juice is used to stimulate labor.

Myristicin in the composition of parsley oil can penetrate the placenta, if applied in large doses: it is able to increase the heartbeat of the fetus.

You should know about other negative effects of parsley, or rather its oils. Myristicin can produce and hallucinogenic effects. And the future mommy will feel it with dizziness, loss of coordination of movement, even cramps.

Parsley in the early stages of pregnancy

So, based on all of the above, we can conclude that the greatest danger in itself conceals parsley oil, her juice in large quantities. It is unlikely that women will lean on them during pregnancy. But a twig of fresh greens as a seasoning for different dishes will serve only as an appetite stimulant. It will not harm the female body. Therefore, the daily intake of 10-15 grams of fresh greens is the norm. It is not necessary to use more than 100 grams of product at an earlier time in the early stages of bearing a child - this will increase the tone of the uterus. But hardly anyone can eat such a quantity in one go.

Parsley in late pregnancy

As a seasoning in a small amount of greens can be used in the third trimester. As for the infusion of green as a means to relieve edema, then you should not use it yourself. You need to consult a doctor. After a concentrated infusion can cause premature birth.

But in the postpartum period this remedy will help the uterus to return to its normal state. It also stimulates the production of breast milk.

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