Is it possible to eat strawberries during pregnancy

Can I eat strawberries during pregnancy?

Today we will pay special attention to the nutritional diet of a woman in the situation. We are all used to think that if it is a question of proper nutrition, it means eating as much vegetables and fruits as possible. But not everything is so simple. The main requirements for food are high quality, freshness and usefulness.

And, as is known, not all products, including fruit and berry and vegetable products, safe for pregnant women. For example, women who are expecting a baby are not recommended to include strawberries in their nutritional menu. And how can you give up this berry, especially pregnant?

What is dangerous strawberry? Can it be eaten by women in position? Let's find out.

What is the danger?

Why did the experts add to the list of products forbidden during pregnancy such a strawberry adored? The answer is quite simple. The fact is that the fragrant berry is a strong allergen. Her high degree of activity can harm not only the future mother, but the baby in her womb.

Already from the 22nd week of pregnancy, the immunity of the baby begins to respond vividly to any allergens, so there is a chance of diathesis after it is born. That's why strawberries are not recommended to introduce a pregnant woman into the diet. And if the mom or dad of the future crumbs have a tendency to allergies, then you need to completely forget about the fragrant berry. Well, at least that's what specialists think.

But strawberries are dangerous not only for the baby, berry can complicate the condition of his mother and lead to undesirable consequences during pregnancy. Berry delicacy tones tonerily on muscle tissue, so there is a risk of hypertension of the uterus. Such processes can lead to premature birth or pregnancy disruption.

In addition, oxalic acid, which is part of the berry, can provoke calcium deficiency, since their combination leads to destruction of the nutritional value of both components. And from the combination of seeds-bones and oxalate (that is, oxalic acid), the gastric mucosa suffers. This, too, do not forget.

How to be & hellip; After all, the temptation is so great!

Pregnant women, who are indifferent to the berry, and it is not included in the list of their favorite products, such information is unlikely to be of interest. "Well, you can not, it's impossible", - each of them will think.

But what do those women who can not easily survive the strawberry "taboo"? After all, everyone knows that pregnant women are very fastidious in terms of nutrition, especially with this familiar firsthand to their halves. If they really want something delicious, then no prohibitions will stop them. The only thing that can keep them is the danger for the baby, so they are cautious about this berry.

Nevertheless, strawberries are listed in the "tasty" many women who are expecting a child. They can not live a day without a fragrant and inviting berry. And experience from life shows that a strawberry delicacy can be safe. Many women who ate berries during pregnancy had healthy and strong babies, without a tendency to allergic diseases.

However, life experience proves the reverse reaction of the child's organism to the attachment of his mother to the berry. Still, there are cases when eating strawberries negatively affects the child's future, so you should always be on your guard.

Many doctors are convinced that women in the situation can eat everything, most importantly - to monitor the rate of eaten. In other words, there must be a measure in everything, even in nutrition.

If a healthy person can eat berry products in unlimited quantities, then a pregnant woman can pamper herself with only a few berries. Also do not forget that strawberries should be without chemicals. That is, you have to pamper yourself in the season, and better - with strawberries from your own bed, which does not contain substances harmful to the mother and baby.

Vitamin "bomb"

Strawberry is a useful berry. 100 grams contain a daily dose of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). In addition, in the berry of this vitamin is much more than in other types of berry products (except currants).

In addition, strawberry is not the last place in terms of usefulness and among fruit and vegetable products. For example, it contains more vitamins and minerals than in apples, citrus (oranges, grapefruits), kiwi, melon, tomato & hellip;

The structure of the strawberry includes folic acid, which is necessary for the full development of the child in the womb and the normal course of pregnancy.

Berries can be compared with a vitamin "bomb". Strawberry effectively replenishes reserves of iron, calcium, phosphorus; enriches the body with vitamins (retinol (A), tocopherol (E), group B, ascorbic acid, biotin (H), nicotinamide (PP)). Also in the composition of the berries are useful minerals: zinc, fluorine, iodine, potassium, cobalt, chlorine, selenium. And this is not even a complete list.

Thanks to its useful properties, strawberries can raise appetite, normalize blood pressure, improve metabolic processes, activate the work of the gastrointestinal tract and circulatory system, remove excess fluid from the body. But most importantly: the berry is able to cheer up! And positive emotions favorably influence the period of pregnancy.

To get such results, the berry should be eaten correctly: you can not eat strawberries on an empty stomach or overeat. Try to combine eating berries with dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt) is not only tasty, but also useful: thus you eliminate the lack of calcium in the body.

Also do not forget to take care of your own health. If, after a berry delicacy, you notice any allergic manifestations, then you better give it up.

With good tolerance, strawberries can and should be eaten by pregnant women, but do not forget to follow all of the above recommendations.

Bon appetit and be healthy!

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