Is it possible to fast for pregnant women

Can I keep fasting during pregnancy?

On the spiritual component of fasting

In the year there are 4 fasts that Orthodox Christians should observe. Spiritual fathers accentuate that the main thing in such periods is moral cleansing, perfection of the soul. This is necessary for the future mother. After all, it carries within it the pure soul of the unborn child. Therefore, it is so important during pregnancy and fasting to work on yourself.

Spiritual purification is the feasible sacrifice that each of us can bring to God. Its essence is not only food restrictions. Although they purify the body, and it is the temple of our soul. Spiritual purification is the careful observance of prayer rules. We confess that we do not always go to bed with prayer, and wake up in a hurry, without turning to God for mercy on the day to come. Envy, condemnation, foul language, deception, rudeness, unwillingness to understand parents, colleagues - this is only part of the daily sins that are inherent in pregnant women. Therefore, in days of fasting, one must try to avoid this. Everyone knows his own shortcomings, bad habits, which bring a lot of trouble and grief to neighbors. Even pregnant women sometimes realize that their capriciousness, resentment of a husband, mother-in-law, girlfriends - is baselessare important. Therefore, in the post you need to be more strict towards yourself and your actions. Silence is gold. And this axiom should become the rule of spiritual purification.

The priests repeatedly say that in the days of fasting the main thing is not to eat your loved ones. This means that you need to be kinder, more merciful, and softer. This applies to future mothers, whom the Lord bestowed the happiness to carry a child under his heart.

Restrictions on food as a constituent of fasting

So, gynecologists always recommend that women consume milk and calcium-containing products in sufficient quantities so that the physical development of crumbs in the womb is healthy. But how to be at strict posts, when the use of dairy and meat food is forbidden?

Recall that rich sources of protein are peas, soybeans, beans, that is legumes. Low hemoglobin - a known problem of pregnant women - can be solved by regularly eating buckwheat and millet. Kashi of them in vegetable oil is not less tasty than meat. They impart satiety, energy, make the digestive system work. It's not a secret that when a child is born, women often suffer from constipation. Deficiency of iron in the body will help to eliminate the daily use of beetroot and carrot juice. As for pomegranates, exotic fruits can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, future mothers should be careful with them. Assistant organism in the formation of hemoglobin and prevention of malformations of the fetus is folic acid. Her pregnancy is prescribed in tablets.

If a woman worries about a baby, she often gets dizzy, then you can make indulgence in fasting - this is permitted to pregnant women. You can eat fish, meat in boiled and baked form, cottage cheese. But the culinary excesses - the preparation of the above products of delicious dishes - are not needed. Food should be simple, not multicomponent. Eating for a pregnant woman should be a cure, not a pleasure. After all, the latter is nothing but gluttony. And this is another significant point of nutrition for the future mother. Many people tell her to eat for two. And why do it, if in the early period, for example, a child weighs several hundred grams. Why should a kid eat as much as an adult woman? Increased fattening should be avoided. This is also gluttony. Developing in the womb, a child with a catastrophic speed accumulates excess nutrients. He is already getting used to excessive consumption of food, which for the mother turns into edemas, excess weight, problems with digestion. But this could be avoided, just by keeping fast.

Reasonable compromises can be present in the diet of a pregnant woman always. For example, a strict post can be on Wednesday and Friday. On other days he is allowed to relax.

Do not forget about the enormous power of the Sacrament during pregnancy. The grace that goes down to the fruit is priceless.

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