Is it possible to iron the abdomen during pregnancy

Is it possible to iron the abdomen during pregnancy?

To iron or not to iron

The flow of pregnancy affects the health of the unborn child. His mother should monitor her state of health, regularly visit the observing gynecologist, take tests, so that the child will be born on time and without complications. The psychological state of a woman during gestation also affects the baby, his nervous system and future character. Many women are annoyed when acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors begin to touch the stomach, feel, wonder who will be born. Pregnant women sometimes react very nervously to this and try to protect themselves and their child from all kinds of touches. It is not only unpleasant for them. They are afraid that someone else's energy, envy, curiosity can negatively affect the baby.

Explain the mass desire to touch the tummy of a future mother simply. In Russia, it has long been believed that an unborn baby is inspired by the spirit of an ancestor who was tried to cajole by stroking the belly of a pregnant woman. Today, people do this because they are interested, they want to touch the great mystery of mankind.

Some people believe that this just brings good luck. After all, pregnancy is the possession of the greatest wealth, the happiness of future motherhood. So they want to lend a particle of such luck. Women who want to have children, believe that stroking the abdomen of a future mother will soon and bring them a replenishment in the family. But we are all different. And pregnant women also believe in signs. Many just do not want to be such lucky donors, and they react negatively to attempts to touch the stomach. By the way, in some US states there is a law prohibiting this without the consent of pregnant women. In principle, a wise and educated person should do so, at least out of respect for the future mother.

In psychology, there is the concept of "comfort distance". Native and just close in spirit people usually communicate at a distance of less than 50 centimeters. But for colleagues and acquaintances this distance is from 50 to 120 cm, for unfamiliar people it increases to 3 meters. That's why approaching the pregnant woman at a distance of more than 50 cm of foreign and unpleasant people causes irritation.

Parapsychologists have their own opinion on this matter. They claim that the hands are the exit of the energy of a person, his biofield. If a person is a pessimist, a loser, has a bad reputation, then, naturally, the energy of his hands will be negative. After such a person touches the abdomen of the future mother, the child can begin an active stirring, a kind of protest.

A woman can not know with what intentions, thoughts unfamiliar people want to stroke her tummy. And if she does not want to, then you just have to put both hands on him and turn away. So she will let know that she does not want to communicate with anyone.

Can I iron my belly

Some gynecologists are sure that, stroking it, the woman leads the uterus in tone. If the pregnant woman suffers an increased tone, then this should not be done. But the noisy and overactive crumbs in the womb can be reassured by classical music, calm treatment, a request.

Psychologists say that the constant communication of the mother with the child, including through stroking, affects its development only positively. The fetus in the womb recognizes her voice, reacts to it, to some extent even understands the meaning of the calls. Not in vain, in case of pelvic presentation before birth, some mothers manage to make requests and stroking to make the child turn, as it should.

Between the baby and his mother there is a close connection from the very moment of conception on the energy level. So it is already inherent in nature that children are the continuation of their parents, their hopes. Therefore, to communicate with the unborn until the baby, to tell how you love and wait for him, while stroking himself on the stomach - is very useful.

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