Is it possible to pump the press during pregnancy

Is it possible to pump the press during pregnancy?

Exercises for the press at different times of pregnancy

When the long-awaited child has finally turned out to be conceived, it is necessary to exert maximum efforts to preserve it. During the first trimester, the embryo is not yet firmly secured, and therefore intense exercise can lead to miscarriage. A woman should observe all the sensations that accompany her throughout the day. With any physical overstrain, you need to rest easy. In this period, the usual training of various muscle groups, including the abdomen, it is better to replace the pastime in the fresh air, yoga and gymnastics, designed for pregnant women. Only a highly qualified coach can make a program of classes that will not harm the fetus and the future mother.

In the second trimester, physical activity is quite acceptable, but in a sparing mode. It is necessary to forget about classical exercises for the ideal press. They categorically do not fit, especially those that are performed in a recumbent position. Closer to childbirth is recommended short-term employment in order to prepare the body for the upcoming event. It is important that with the first painful discomfort, any load should be stopped.

What does a smart press give during pregnancy?

When it is said that physical preparation is for the benefit of the future mother, it is necessary to explain what exactly. The positive effect of trained muscles of the abdomen:

  • Help prevent the development of umbilical hernia during pregnancy.
  • Simultaneously, the muscles of the back and waist are strengthened. Thanks to this the girl will be able to avoid many unpleasant sensations.
  • If the body is in good shape, then perhaps after stretches there will be no stretch marks. In any case, they will be much less.
  • In later terms, many expectant mothers face swelling of the legs, hands. This causes severe discomfort during walking, shoes and some wardrobe items are simply impossible to wear. It is regular lightweight workouts that will help to forget about such a problem.
  • Of course, that after giving birth a woman will look better and quickly be able to bring the figure in order.
  • Against the background of significant hormonal changes in the body, depression and tension are often observed. Prevent this will help with sports, during which there is a surge of adrenaline, which increases the mood.
  • Once again it is worth recalling that a pumped press will help to transfer labor more easily.
  • Of course,workouts contribute to weight loss. Being in a position, this should not be abused.

Exercises for the press during pregnancy

Obvious is the conclusion that the usual exercises during pregnancy are not suitable. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with several special ones that are suitable for women in the situation:

  • You can strengthen the muscles of the press sitting on a stool or stool. The body tilts back gently. In this position, you must stay about ten seconds, and then straighten up. Repeat it should be no more than twenty times in one session.
  • The classic exercise for the upper abdominal muscles is allowed to perform prone. It's enough just to tear your back off the floor. This pressure on the baby will be minimal.
  • The performance of various breathing techniques is suitable.
  • Leg bend in the prone position. It is important not to be confused with the ups. Legs alternately need to bend at the knee, and then straighten.
  • Tilting the body forward 90 degrees.

All exercises must be performed smoothly, without any sudden movements. Even if the girl was professionally engaged in sports before pregnancy, do not forget about the current situation. The health of the future baby is much more important than a slim figure.

Contraindications to the swing of the press

In addition to the recommendations for performance and benefit, there are a number of factors that exclude exercise during pregnancy:

  • Risk of miscarriage.
  • Tone of the uterus exceeding the norm.
  • Any discharge from the genitals with an admixture of blood.
  • Severe pain in the lumbar region and abdomen.
  • Having problems with the spine, which can worsen during pregnancy.
  • Arrhythmia.

In conclusion, you can say that if a woman wants to keep fit and do not gain extra pounds in nine months, she can perform exercises for a press with a low load. Before this, it is necessary to consult a treating gynecologist who can determine if there are any contraindications. Moreover, if playing sports earlier on an amateur level, it is better to ask a professional trainer to make a special program for the period of pregnancy.

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