Is it possible to pump the press during pregnancy

Is it possible rock the press during pregnancy?

Advantages of swinging the press during pregnancy

So, ahead of nine months of waiting for the birth of crumbs, which means that you have the opportunity to work on yourself. Strong and elastic muscles of the abdominal press not only make the figure of a woman slim and smart, but also play a role in the bearing and birth of the child. They create an elastic corset that supports the growing uterus during pregnancy, while preventing excessive stretching of the skin and the appearance of ugly striae (stretch marks).

An inflated press can benefit not only during pregnancy, but also directly during childbirth. Strong abdominal muscles increase the force of effort, facilitating the movement of the baby through the birth canal of a woman. The process of birth is easier, the expectant mother is less tired.

In addition, pregnancy is not a disease, so do not give up your favorite good habits. Physical loads, on the contrary, are shown if they do not cause discomfort and, of course, are not a threat to the baby. If you are used to sports, then no one has the right to forbid you to continue to do it. Moreover, gynecologists insist that future mothers increase their physical activity during pregnancy and move as much as possible.

How to properly press the press in an "interesting position"?

As for exercises for the press for pregnant women, then the doctors did not come to a consensus. Some advise to refrain from such a load, while others say that the press can only be shaken under the supervision of an instructor. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the duration of pregnancy, because for certain periods certain types of exercises have been developed. We present to your attention the most secure load complex for a press that can be performed by future mothers at any time:

  1. Sitting on a chair, lean back. As soon as there is tension in the muscles - return to the starting position.
  2. Lying on the floor, cross your arms on your chest or behind your head. Slowly rise from the floor, tearing off the shoulder blades. Return to the starting position.
  3. Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart. Raise one knee in turn, trying to reach them to the elbow opposite to the movement of the hand.

Remember that all exercises need to be done slowly, while twisting should be incomplete. You can use fitball as a sports equipment.

Who should not press the press?

Before you continue exercising during pregnancy, you need to visit a gynecologist, who will determine if you have any contraindications to exercise. The main factor limiting physical activity right up to a complete cessation is the threat of termination of pregnancy. If a woman has an increased tone of the uterus, spotting from the vagina, pain in the lower abdomen, then any physical activity is categorically contraindicated.

Performing exercises on the press, the expectant mother should listen to her condition - if there are unpleasant or painful sensations in the lower abdomen, dizziness, a shortness of breath, then the load should be stopped immediately. Also it is not recommended to start training if the pregnant woman has weakness or fatigue.

Recall that you can start the swing press only for those women who are actively involved in sports before pregnancy. If before the moment of conception you did not go to the gym and even the houses never shook the press, then you should not do this when a new life has arisen inside of you. Excess load in this state is useless. In addition, exercises, which are designed to improve muscle tone and to stimulate circulation, as well as to reduce weight, during pregnancy are categorically contraindicated.

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