Is it possible to ride a bicycle during pregnancy

Is it possible to ride a bicycle during pregnancy?

Is it possible to ride a bicycle? Probably, this question is of interest to many women who, prior to pregnancy, led an active lifestyle, and the "iron horse" was an integral part of their life rhythm. For this category of women, the ban on cycling during childbearing becomes a real problem, because sometimes it is difficult enough to change their habits and desires.

Cycling during pregnancy: possible or not

Unfortunately, no one can affirmatively answer this question, since in life practice there have been both bad and successful cases, related to this sport. For example, European experts are positive about cycling during pregnancy, while our doctors are wary of this type of physical activity during the period of gestation.

Probably, every future mother should discuss whether it is possible to engage in bicycle rides, with a personal doctor. In the absence of any kind of complications, most doctors advise not to give up the usual way of life. In some cases, such walks are even useful to pregnant women. However, every future mother, before sitting on her "horse", must weigh all the pros and cons.

In any case, any solution must be approached wisely. For example, fast trips on a rough road or first experience during pregnancy can have a number of serious consequences. But calm cycling does not hurt, but will only be useful to women in the situation. In addition, such walks favorably affect the well-being of the future mother and, accordingly, her baby, as in the process of skiing they receive a large amount of oxygen, which positively affects their health. Another advantage of cycling trips is muscle training, which greatly facilitates the upcoming birth.

But to ride a bicycle was for future use, you need to take into account all contraindications and limitations, as well as the correctness of riding a bicycle during pregnancy.

When it's better to refuse cycling ...

As we have already mentioned, you first need to discuss this decision with your doctor. If the specialist decides that there are no contraindications to an active lifestyle, then go for a drive on health (but only carefully). However, if there are some complications, it is better to give up cycling.

So, let's consider in what cases riding a two-wheeled vehicle can harm a future mother and her baby:

  • the threat of miscarriage;
  • the wrong position of the baby in the womb;
  • pathological condition, at which there is an excess or, conversely, a lack of amniotic fluid;
  • early toxicosis;
  • gestosis;
  • the presence of acute diseases in the pregnant woman (kidney problems, gastritis, acute viral diseases, etc.).

If you have at least one of the above factors, a pregnant woman should abandon cycling.

The main rules for safe cycling for pregnant women

Well, firstly, if a woman for a long time or did not sit down at all on a bicycle, then, probably, to master this sport in the period pregnancy is not only stupid, but also dangerous. In this case, the expectant mother should wait until the birth of a crumb, and only then do the tests to sit on the "iron horse".

If this method of rest is familiar to you, and the doctor sees no reason for his prohibition, then pregnant women should know and observe the following rules:

  1. Riding a bicycle, give preference to roads with smooth and well-paved roads coated. If there is such a possibility, then choose special tracks for cyclists, since irregularities and jolting can cause many complications, for example: exfoliation of the placenta, rupture of the membranes, miscarriage.
  2. The "Iron Horse" should be matched appropriately to the growth and complexion of the pregnant woman. It is also important that the bicycle is equipped with a comfortable and soft seat.
  3. During the walk, monitor your health. If you have any shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, fatigue - stop the walk immediately.
  4. Weather conditions are also an important factor for safe skiing. Doctors recommend walking in dry weather at temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius.
  5. During cycling it is very important to follow the drinking regimen, so every future mother should have supplies of ordinary water.
  6. For riding a bicycle, you need to choose comfortable sports shoes and clothes. If the sun is outside, then be sure to bring your headdress.
  7. The most optimal for women in the position is the average rate of cycling.

Useful walks

Everyone knows that any sport, including cycling, and an active life rhythm are beneficial for the health of every person, especially women in the situation. Bike tours during pregnancy help:

  • get distracted from problems;
  • maintain a good physical shape;
  • Strengthen the muscles of the perineum and back;
  • eliminate stagnant phenomena in the pelvic area and lower limbs.

In addition, women who before and during pregnancy were bicycling, recover much more quickly after delivery. Also during the ride in the body, women begin to actively develop endorphins (hormones of happiness), which positively affect the mood and condition of the future mother.

Exercise bike - a great alternative to the "iron horse"

An excellent replacement for the usual bike is a home simulator, especially if the window is cold or it's raining. In addition, the exercise bike has several advantages that are important during pregnancy:

  • minimal risk of injury or fall;
  • ability to control the pulse;
  • Dosed training.

At the end

Walking on a bicycle or exercising on a stationary bike is allowed during pregnancy, but only if there are no contraindications and a normal state of health for the mother. If you can not skate - do not worry, because there are many other safe ways to spend your leisure time profitably.

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