Is it possible to run during pregnancy

Can I run during pregnancy?

Prohibited or permitted

There are no general recommendations and prohibitions on motor activity during pregnancy. But there is an individual approach and the general rule: "Do not harm the future baby!".

Yes, pregnancy places a lot of taboo on the usual before this lesson. However, an active way of life is useful for future mothers. Studies of specialists show that moderate exercise during the waiting period of the child reduces the risk of complications, including back pain.

If a woman is seriously engaged in sports before the onset of an "interesting situation" (perhaps even professionally), she is in good physical condition, she has excellent test results, then the doctor can allow her to play sports. First of all, you need to consult with the treating gynecologist. Most likely, the doctor will recommend her in the first trimester to switch to yoga, gymnastics, and in the second will already allow running, but not for long. It goes without saying that in the third trimester with the grown up tummy it will be already not up to running.

If the sport was a way of life for a pregnant woman, then abruptly stop training is not recommended, because it negatively affects the psychological and physical condition.

It's no secret that most gynecologists take a categorical position in terms of any risks, including running. They can be understood, because it is impossible to predict how the jogs on the body of the mother and baby will be displayed. And everything that is risky, it is better to exclude. Yes, and the woman herself must be aware of the responsibility for her new state. If she has been accustomed to jogging since she was a child, at school age half-marathons were already running and successfully surpassed the marathon distances, the birth in her bosom of a new life is changing everything. First you need to pass a survey, consult a doctor and, possibly, another specialist.

It is worth considering, that the main load when running is on the joints. Their strength in expectant mothers is reduced because of increased production of the hormone relaxin, which can cause trauma. Therefore, to start running around during pregnancy, if there was little such experience before, definitely not worth it.

If you are talking about the continuation of occupations during pregnancy by this kind of sports by professional athletes, then they should follow such recommendations:

  1. After each jog, lie down for 15 minutes, lifting straight legs up, and then perform circular rotations with ankle joints. Thus, the venous blood flow is normalized.
  2. You need to wear special compression leggings (golfs) for jogging. They protect the muscles from heavy loads.
  3. For expectant mothers, the maximum running time is 30 minutes.
  4. The warm-up before running is important in a period like never before. Only after warming up the muscles and preparing for the load can you start running.
  5. To avoid dehydration, drink non-carbonated mineral water.
  6. Better run in the park. Training in the city, along roads with traffic, and dangerous, and harmful.
  7. If the air temperature is above 25 degrees, it is better to cancel the run.
  8. The length of the session should decrease with the increase in the period of pregnancy. It is recommended to go for walking, yoga, swimming.

Is it possible to run in the early stages of pregnancy?

Recall that in the first trimester of the term the baby is laid all the organs, its systems are formed. This is the most important period of pregnancy. That's why up to 12 weeks running to future moms is not worth doing. Strictly, this can not be done if there is a threat of termination of pregnancy, a woman has low hemoglobin, toxicosis. Unhealthy course of pregnancy requires extreme caution and maximum limitation of motor activity.

Even if a woman is okay, most obstetrician-gynecologists do not recommend running in the first trimester. They can advise you to swim, walk more, do yoga.

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