Is it possible to sleep on the back of pregnant women

Is it possible to sleep on the back of pregnant women

Sleep with physiology in mind

In the first weeks of pregnancy, as a rule, Mom sleeps the way she used to. At this time, she does not think about the need to wean from her beloved posture on her stomach during sleep. Yes, at the beginning of the period, this is not scary, given the size of the embryo.

But starting from 3 months of bearing the baby, the uterus together with the baby is rapidly increasing in size. In the lying position, she already presses a little on the spine and large blood vessels that pass next to him. In the second half of pregnancy, the size of the uterus increases even more, and if a woman lays on her back for a long time, this leads to a decrease in the supply of blood to the heart. Such a posture can cause future mummies even fainting.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the expectant mother is not recommended to sleep on her back. During this period, the uterus is already reaching a large size, so when lying down, it strongly presses the lower vena cava. It is through it that the blood from the lower part of the body moves to the heart. Pressure on this vein - this is the suspension of blood flow, which can cause a pregnant woman in a dream shortness of breath, a sense of lack of air. If a woman lays on her back for a long time during the day, then her breathing becomes intermittent, rapid, eyes may darken and dizziness may start. It happens that on the forehead even sweat appears. Then do not be afraid, just turn over on your side - and after a while everything will pass, the state is normalized.

How does the position of the mother's body affect the baby?

From the reduction in blood flow, the future child also suffers, because at that time he begins to experience oxygen deficiency. This is called fetal hypoxia. Constant or prolonged squeezing of the blood vessels of the mother and temporary hypoxia can result in the intake of fewer nutrients the child needs.

Which position in a dream will be optimal for a pregnant woman?

Obstetricians-gynecologists do not recommend for a long time to lie on their back to future mothers, both during the day's rest and in a dream. This posture is not only squeezing the vena cava. It is fraught with the appearance of pain in the back, increased pressure.

But do not be afraid that unconsciously in a dream, a pregnant woman can turn over on her back and lie like that for a long time. Usually, with the increase in the period of pregnancy, women themselves begin to feel discomfort in the posture of lying on their backs. They are looking for a comfortable pose on the side. Doctors recommend future mothers the safest option of sleep - lying on the left side. It is recommended for comfort to put a foot on the leg or place a pillow between them.

If a woman's pregnancy is normal, without complications, then she can stay in any position, but from time to time change it. In a dream this happens unconsciously. Women who give birth on the forums say that in a dream they turned and changed their poses because the baby was starting to move and thus signaled to the mother about the discomfort that he is experiencing. That's why the comfortable position of a woman in bed at night is determined by the location of the child in the stomach.

Future mothers are advised to teach themselves to sleep on their sides, and at the end of the term even half-sitting.

By the way, it is important not only the pose of the future mother during sleep. An important role is played by the way it rises from the lying position. It will be correct to lie down on the side at first, then slowly raise your torso, lower your legs from the bed, and then get up from it. With such a rise, there will be no uterine tone and a sudden increase in pressure.

So, doctors do not recommend pregnant women to sleep on their back, especially in the third trimester.

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