Is it possible to take a bath pregnant

Is it possible to take a bath pregnant

Influence of baths on future mothers

The question of the safety of taking baths during pregnancy, a woman should discuss, primarily with her gynecologist. But all without exception, future mothers should know, that they are not allowed to have hot baths! Such procedures can cause a miscarriage.

Most obstetricians-gynecologists believe that warm baths after taking a shower are safe for the health of the future child. Only long lie in the tub is not worth it. Baths have a good effect on the body of a pregnant woman, reducing swelling, improving blood circulation, influx to the legs of the blood, relieving tension and reducing pain in the pelvic and lower back. As a variant of baths, doctors recommend that future mothers take foot baths with sea salt.

The risks of taking baths by future mothers are that the blood at this time flows to the pelvis, to the pelvic organs, which can cause the risk of premature birth. But this caution applies only to the category of too hot baths. If you take a bath with a water temperature of 37 degrees, the procedure will not cause consequences. It is commonly believed that taking a bath is less hygienic than taking a shower, because bacteria can penetrate the vagina. But if you follow the cleanliness of the legs, disinfect the bath itself, then such risks are not great.

Bathing rules for pregnant women

Taking a bath, a pregnant woman should follow certain precautions. So, it is better not to take a bath often in the 1 and 3 trimesters of pregnancy, because these periods are considered more risky. It is important that at this time at home was someone of close people. It is not recommended to close the bathroom door from the inside. At the bottom of the bath for safety, you can put a rubber mat to avoid slipping. It is not desirable to stay in water for more than fifteen minutes. Before taking a bath you need to take a shower and wash off sweat from the body, contamination.

In no case should you take a bath if the waters have already moved away! Only a shower!

As a kind of water procedures you can visit the pool or aqua aerobics classes. They perfectly influence the muscle tone, prepare the muscles for childbirth, and also train the respiratory system.

Aromovannye during pregnancy

A special conversation about aromovannah. The opinions of doctors about this are not straightforward. Some are opponents of baths with aromatic oils, others recommend them to their patients. They believe that aromatic baths are a deep relaxation, the removal of psychological and physical stress. Most often for taking aromovann recommend to use such oils: tea tree, pink, eucalyptus, orange, bergamot, lemon, sandalwood. Add 3-4 drops of this liquid to the bath. Contraindicated for such baths pregnant women oils of basil, cypress, patchouli, thyme and cedar.

An important point! In no case, even for a short time the future mother can not visit the jacuzzi! This is a strong influence on the uterus and fetus and a high risk of miscarriage, premature termination of pregnancy.

So, you can take a bath to a future mother, but carefully, with the observance of rules and warnings. If you liked to do this before pregnancy, then do not put a "cross" on your habit. Just be careful and limit yourself a little.

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