Keeping pregnancy

Maintaining a pregnancy from A to Z

Even with a strong prejudice about doctors and medicine in general, a woman, knowing about the life developing within her, is obliged to register and decide on where and who will lead her pregnancy. Previously, only women's counseling provided pregnancy management, but today the expectant mother can absolutely freely apply for appropriate services to specialized medical centers offering pregnancy management programs. In some cases, some modern women, waiting for a child, and practice pregnancy with a doctor on the recommendation of their experienced, already become mom's friends. What method to give preference, to decide only the pregnant woman, focusing on their financial capabilities, the credibility of specialists in a medical institution, its reputation.

In any case, the management of pregnancy by each of these methods necessarily includes some mandatory procedures. These include regular measurement of blood pressure at each visit to the doctor, weighing, conducting urine and blood tests, as well as ultrasound. Ultrasound examination with a physiological pregnancy takes place three times during the entire period of gestation - at 11-14 weeks, 20-24 and 30-34 weeks of gestation. Each of the sessions provides an opportunity to identify possible risks for the course of pregnancy and fetal development; the second ultrasound also allows, of course, if the mother wants, to determine the sex of the future baby. Besides, conducting pregnancy involves a regular vaginal examination, during which the doctor takes a smear on the flora, examines the cervix to exclude the presence of a dangerous infectious disease for the baby, and to avoid the risks of premature termination of pregnancy.

Control of pregnancy in a women's consultation at the outpatient department can be called more convenient for a pregnant woman: in this case, pregnancy is conducted at the place of residence in the vicinity of the house. In addition, the management of pregnancy in this way is almost free. In the women's consultation, the future mother is offered a package of the above standard services in the management of pregnancy. However, it should be borne in mind that in women's clinics, doctors work according to a "prescribed pattern," which excludes an individual approach to managing pregnancy. The disadvantage is that the doctor who leads the pregnancy does not usually take part in childbirth.

At the same time, when choosing pregnancy management in a specialized medical center, the expectant mother can always ask, with what clinics the clinic has contracted. This makes it possible to choose a specialist for conducting pregnancy, which in the future will also take delivery. Conducting pregnancy in private medical centers speaks for them also because in that case the future mother is provided with an individual approach in controlling pregnancy, taking into account the peculiarities of each individual case. This method of managing pregnancy will cost a woman more, however, control over the course of pregnancy in medical centers is provided in an integrated manner. So, if necessary, the future mother there can be conducted surveys that exclude any, even the most insignificant risks; consultations of the gynecologist and endocrinologist will always be available at any convenient time.

When choosing any of the methods of pregnancy management, a woman should remember: the doctor always exercises only a third-party control. While a normal pregnancy and successful outcome, in the first place, depends on the future mother. It is not enough just to visit a specialist conducting pregnancy regularly, to fulfill all his prescriptions and to take tests on time. It is absolutely necessary to change, according to pregnancy, a way of life; Eliminate bad habits that threaten the normal development of the baby; make adjustments to the diet and, preferably, physically prepare for the birth of the baby. By the way, choose the optimal program of physical exercises and the pattern of training can also help the leading pregnancy doctor.

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